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On Google Play there are tons of Keyboards which promise you to be fast and responsive…

Is it always true?

I tell you, no.

Most are full of features, themes and a lot of cool stuff.. or useless?

In my opinion a keyboard has to have good responsiveness and its basic functions just like suggestion and.. nothing!

Do you like themes, customization? Then go with your GoKeyboard or bloat like that, if not follow this tutorial!

I’ve tried (almost) all the existing boards on the PlayStore and only one has satisfied my requests: Google GBoard.

  • Lightweight
  • Smart
  • Good design
  • Responsive
  • Moderate RAM consuption

Ok, may be you have found the perfect super fast keyboard ever.. I’ll tell you how to enhance its smoothness to the limit!

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Auto Capitalization

This function, apparently so simple, may slow down your keyboard. Why?

It checks every time if the letter you are writing is or not the first one, and this operation may be stressful on low end devices.


This is one of the most useful features in a keyboard, but it is as well one of the heaviest to handle.

Let me explain what happens when you enable suggestions… the keyboard uses a complex algorithm to read what you wrote and try to suggest you the fixed word (reading them from a dictionary) or the next one, according to the content.
Of course, this operation may be too much resource-hungry if your device isn’t new and so the keyboard became slower to recognize the input.

Is coding stressful on a smartphone? I have the solution for this, too.

If you code on your smartphone, I can suggest you a useful keyboard with all the needed symbols on the main screen, smooth and fast.

Coding has never been so easy: CodeBoard

If you follow these suggestions, you’ll have the perfect fast keyboard according to your necessity!


  1. I have a somewhat different slowness problem. Once the keyboard is launched, it is not so bad, it is the launch itself that takes too long. At times, it seems to take over a minute.

  2. If it is taking long to launch itself there may be few reason
    when you visiting a web page and and enter a box to input there may be some scripts that loads to take input it may slow the launching, second your keyboard is resources hungry, uncheck auto correct option, use google keyboard,


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