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Best Deal on UMIdigi Z1 & UMIdigi C Note2 with additional discount at Banggood!

Deal on umi smartphones
We all know about the Chinese domination in the smartphone sector of all budgets. UMI is one...

HighRise is a new leaked CIA malware for Android mobile systems

HighRise is a new leaked malware for Android mobile systems Some months ago, WikiLeaks started to release some...

Google VS Privacy: A New Algorithm is in Development Stage

google vs privacy
Google VS privacy, who is the winner? Today all runs on smartphones. Do you need something? Just open the...

DOOGEE MIX Smartphone Best Deal: Free Gift For 6GB Version [COUPON INSIDE]

Doogee MIX Deal
Bezel less phones have become a new trend in the smartphone market. Companies from Samsung to Xiaomi...

Moto G5S Plus: Leaked some Interesting News About the New Lenovo Flagship!

moto g5s plus
Moto G5S Plus will be the new top of ray in house Lenovo and it will be...