Fairphone 3 Review

Fairphone is a social enterprises start-up which was launched in 2009. The company claims to be the world’s first to launch a modular smartphone – one that customers can assemble or even upgrade if they wish to. Now that its Fairphone 3 will be launched, it will come in two variants 64/128 GB and 4 GB; 32 GB and 3 GB. With this next model of Fairphone 2, the company aims to capture fair market share. This smartphone is rumored to be launched soon, but the officials of the company have not yet confirmed the rumors. This is expected to induce massive demand in the market.

Design and Display

Fairphone 3 review

If one is to believe rumors, the first look of the phone is indeed luring. Its mirror finish compliments the sleek design with an ultra-sharp camera fitted strategically is ample to give it an examination of a premium smartphone. The dual camera feature is notable and induces a sense of trust in the ultra HD picture quality which is usually expected.

Now, talking about the display one can applaud the curved touchscreen fair phone 3 comes with. It has a LCD capacitive touchscreen which makes the 5.5 inches screen more intuitive. With 80.7 cm2 screen and attractive look, the phone is expected to revive the company and also provide the company an unprecedented boom in the market. This prediction by tech-geeks should be a significant relief for the company.

Comes with Android 8.0

The smartphone is fitted with the best and most recent version of Android, i.e., Android Oreo. This has many new and exciting features which would definitely astonish the buyers. Features like black screen notification pop-up, all transparent bar and notification bar, multi music player, multi-gaming task, etc. will indeed make the buyers trust this new version and enjoy the all new security patch which will also keep their data protected.

Top class hardware

Top class hardware

The flagship is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon octa-core 801 SoC, with 3/4 GB RAM and improved chipset. The screen is fitted with curved gorilla glass which will be unbreakable. This is the first time any company has launched the curved gorilla glass. The IC and inner fittings of the phone are expected to be waterproof. As expected, the phone will be one of the cheap models of proper phone costing.

Impressive camera

As the latest trend compel, the phone comes with a dual rear camera which will possibly enable considerable blur and clarity. It is fitted with 10+2 MP front camera and 12+2 MP rear camera. The strategic design of the camera is in accordance with the all-new trend of dual in-depth cameras which enable ultra HD pictures. The camera is promising enough to allow high definition contrast and utmost clarity.

Battery life

The charger of the phone will be c type and enable ultra-fast charging of the battery with the battery being a non-removable Li-Ion 3000 mAh one which ensures extended lasting battery which majority of smartphones lack these days. The phone will enable exhaustive performance with an overall above average battery life. Also, the users would now ultimately be freed by the captivity around charging points for long hours.

Important features

The 128 GB/64 GB ROM and 4 GB RAM will enable the hustle free storage of the user’s data and high definition movies without the apprehension of storage space. The phone is also endowed with the dual secondary camera, gyro and proximity sensor accelerometer, dual LED flash, improved autofocus and face detection.

Overview of specifications

This phone of Fairphone is the next homolog of its series, and this is reflected in the specs of the phone.

  • The new chipset is the most attractive stuff about its look.
  • This has attracted everyone’s notice and has fetched the tech giant a considerable appreciation.
  • The fast charging wasn’t very popular and successful.
  • But this version is expected to revolutionize the market, considering its low price.
  • Also, the look and long battery back-up is a matter of appreciation for the phone.
  • With a price of around $500, this phone is rumored to establish the company among the expensive premium phone sellers such as one plus.

Bottom line

This new Fairphone 3 is indeed a beast and one of its kind endowed with all required features which qualify it to be one of the premium handsets. It will indeed be one of the best choices available. Rest assured, its hustle free working and high-end features will attract lenity of the buyers.

The Fairphone 3 is loaded with all the required features with making it more than a premium smartphone. Its look and the strategically placed dual rear camera compliments the sleek design and the overall look. With the Bird’s eye view, it seems to become the most preferred smartphone which comes with every possible feature one would prefer.


  1. Isn’t a Snapdragon 801 only a quad-core? Furthermore I highly doubt that a Fairphone 3 would get only a Snapdragon 801, which is already in the Fairphone 2.

  2. I doubt that the FP3 will be coming soon. FP just introduced the Android 7 update for the FP2 which has a major bug of not having a double SIM switch off capability as they had in the Android 6 version. In other words you can use 2 SIM’s but they are online constantly draining the battery and increasing the costs. The SIM blocking function in the FP2 Android 6 software was an essential feature for many that had purchased a FP2. However FP management choose not to make this feature available in the FP2 update to Androiid 7. Additionally there are no indications from FP customer or management staff if FP will invest in writing the software to include in Android 7 as this is not standard feature of Android 7 program.

  3. This is not even romours. It is just fake news! No specification is out now. The pictures all shows the Fairphone 2. I konw it, cause I own it 😉


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