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In this world of social media, everyone is interested in prank videos. These are super exciting and very humorous to watch. Do you ever think of pranking your friends? If yes then I have an idea for you. There are many apps available for seeing through someone’s clothes. But remember, it is only for pranks and fun. You must be careful what you are doing. In this article, I am going to share the 8 best-naked scanner apps for Android and iOS. 

What are naked scanner apps?

Naked scanner apps are those apps where you can see through someone’s clothes. This may be offensive, so use it wisely. You can prank your friends with this app. These apps are used for this purpose only. Here are the 8 best-naked scanner apps for your Android and iOS. So, let’s start. 

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Before starting, you should know that these apps are only for entertainment purposes. Generate nudes online using this link These apps do not scan clothes for real. So without wasting any more time, let’s dig right into the 8 best-naked scanner apps for Android & iOS.

Best Naked Scanner Apps for Android & iOS

1. Body scanner App-

Body scanner App

The first app is a body scanner. This app is free for every Android and iOS phone. With this software, you can take pictures of your friend’s body parts and replace them with suitable underwear pictures. This can be very funny.

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But there is a con. The software is not so specific. That means your friend can easily understand that it is a prank. Without that, you can use this software for fun.

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2. Cloth scanner simulator-

Cloth scanner simulator App

The next software is the cloth scanner simulator. This app is also very interesting to use. It has many photos as the format. After opening this software, it will ask you about the gender in which you want to prank. Then you will be shown many format pictures of models wearing underwear or swimwear. You can just click your friend’s picture and merge those model pictures. It is just a prank, this app does not scan clothes for real.

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3. X-ray cloth scanner simulator-

X-ray cloth scanner simulator

The next one is the X-ray cloth scanner simulator. This is an 18 plus app and free. You can easily prank your friends without telling them. Just take a picture and merge it with a wide range of underwear pictures. It is very easy to use and your friend will be confused for a minute. Try this out.

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4. Super X-ray camera-

Super X-ray camera app

Super X-ray camera is another see-through app. It is also free and very easy to install. Like others in this list, you just have to take pictures and edit them from a wide range of pictures. It is so funny and can prank your friends. 

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5. X-ray cloth remover-

X-ray cloth remover

X-ray cloth remover is another great app to prank your friends. You just have to take their pictures and with their wide range of underwear picture collections, you can edit those to look like see through clothes. It is so good that your friends will surely be confused for a minute. Try this for fun.

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6. X-ray body scanner simulator-

X-ray body scanner simulator

X-ray body scanner simulator is another great app for pranking your friends. It is available for both Android and iOS. You can download this from the links mentioned above. It is free software. Like others in this list, it is also very easy to use. You can pick from a larger range of pictures. There are many model pictures with underwear. You just have to click a photo of your friends, then merge it with those. This app is so detailed, that for some time they will be confused. This app is only for fun, it doesn’t allow anyone to see through clothes for real.

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7. Sexy booth free makes you hot-

Sexy booth free App

The next one on this list is Sexy booth free. This is pranking software. Like others, you just have to click the photo of your friends and merge it with the pictures available in this app. It is that simple. 

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8. Scanning Body and Undressing People Prank-

Scanning Body and Undressing People Prank

Last, but not least, scanning the body and Undressing People Prank. It is another great software to install on your Android and iOS. 

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These are the top 8 see-through clothes apps for Android and iOS. I hope this information will help you to prank your friends. There are many more apps for this, you can also try those out and forgive me if I left your favorite app untouched. 



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