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Social Media is booming, and a lot of new platforms are also emerging. In simple words, we can say that social media is all about posting pictures. Social media has made photography a more important task for an individual than ever. Taking different pictures in different poses is very common, and picture editing is very important.

Among different types of photographs, split photos or collage photos are very popular and are in trend. Don’t think that the idea of a split photo is new, it’s old, but still, it is very popular. The reason behind this everyone wants to add more than one picture in a single photo. A split photo is best for making collages of pictures of your friends or family. For splitting your photos or making a collage, split picture apps are best.

If you are looking for the best split picture for android and iOS, then this article may help you in finding that. We have shortlisted some of the best split pictures apps. Here is our list

20 Best Split Picture Apps For Android And IOS

Here are the best split picture editor apps for you which you can download in your smartphone.

1) PicsArt


It’s next to impossible that you have never heard of PicsArt.If you have a little knowledge of social media, then you have used Picsart once.PicsArt is one of the most popular and old photo editing apps, which provides a lot of photo editing options, including photo split.

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You will get a lot of options in the photo split feature, and you can form different types of collages through this app. It also provides you professional editing options to do extensive & professional editing. A lot of filters and tools to make your split photo better.

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2) Diptik

Diptik App
Diptik App

Diptik is one of the most popular apps for photo splits. The app is specifically designed to make an excellent collage in very few simple steps. The app’s user interface is simple, and within few minutes, you can split various photos to make the perfect collage. You will get a lot of options to customize your collage in different ways, including shape and quantity. For more convenience, you can create your layout or frames to show up your creativity in the collage. Various adjustments tools are also available to provide you the perfect collage.

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3) Pic Stitch – Collage Editor

Pic Stitch App
Pic Stitch

As the name suggests, the Pic Stitch – Collage Editor is the perfect image splitter app for all your photography needs. You will get a lot of cool and interesting stuff to make your photos adjust into a single frame. The app provides you more than 300 unique templates so that you get the new collage template every time you use the app. Just upload photos that you want to split, and you are all done with your collage. Various adjustment tools, including resizing, zoom, ration, border, etc are available to further customize your collage.

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4) Photo Splitter

Photo Splitter App
Photo Splitter

Split Pic app is another widely used photo divider app available for both Android and iOS.The app is very simple to use and works straightforwardly. You can add up to 4 photos in a single frame and you will get 6 different frames. You can then customize that collage in different ways without any restrictions. Just like other collage apps, split pic also has various effects and filters to make your photo more beautiful.

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5) Be Funky

Be Funky
Be Funky

Be Funky is another famous collage maker or split picture app that comes with a lot of cool and interesting features. It is a complete package for editing your photographs for social media. You can split up to 9 images with this app and can adjust all of them into one single frame. As we told you earlier, it is a complete editing app, and thus it has a lot of editing tools like red-eye reduction, flash spot remover, teeth whitener, blemish fixer, etc. You can also add text and stickers to the newly created pic. The app is downloaded by millions of users from different countries.

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6) Split Camera

Split Camera App
Split Camera App

Split Camer is more than a photo editing app. It offers you to split your photo and add 2 photos in a single pic. At the same time, it works as a camera app, so you can directly use this app to click two pictures side by side in a single frame. It works in a very basic manner and has only two frame types horizontal and vertical. To make the picture more clear and natural you will get an option to blur the line where two pictures join. The app performs actions quickly, and its user interface is simple & straightforward.

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7) Pic Collage

Pic Collage App
Pic Collage App for Android

Pic Collage is another great app to make the best collage of your memorable pictures with your friends and family. The app is designed specifically to make an excellent collage. It is a photo joiner app and can join different photos in different grid styles. Up to 30 photos can be adjoined in a single frame making it one of the best collage maker app. You will get various themes for your frames to make your photo more attractive. You can also do a lot of customization through this app on your photo.

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8) Moldiv

Moldiv App

Last but not least, Moldiv is one of the best split picture apps for both Android and iOS.It has an unlimited amount of tools and options to make the best photograph for you. You can make unique layouts, also there are more than 100 layouts for making unique collages. The app has a lot of tools, including customizing tools to customize everything in your photo. You can add up to 9 photos in a single frame. The app is a complete solution for all your photo-related needs for social media. The app is free to download and has millions of active users.

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Some other split maker apps are as below.

9) Grid Maker for Insta

10) Grid Post

11) Giant Square & Grid maker

12) Live Split Camera

13) Instagrid

14) Story Crop

15) Panorama Split

16) 9square

17) PicSlit

18) Four Cropper

19) 15 Square

20) Pic Stitch


The above-listed apps are among the best spit picture apps available for both Android and iOS.These apps come with tones of photo editing features, and all are best for making collage photos. All are free and simple to use. You can split many photos according to your requirements on these apps. After using any of the above-listed apps the questions like how to split photos on iPhone will no longer trouble you.


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