Apps That Make You Look Skinny

Millions of people who want to change their body shape through apps that make your body skinny. If you are struggling to slim in real life but want to look skinny in pictures, then there are many apps that make you look thinner.

In this social media world when everyone wants to look fit, photo apps to make you look skinny. By using this app you get satisfied with your beautiful picture with a skinny body. Here, we bring you 8 best apps that make you skinny for android and iPhone.

1. Perfect Me

Perfect Me App

Perfect Me is a face editor, photo editor app that makes you skinny. This is a free app for body editing and face. It provides features you reshape to get a perfect figure as well as tattoo!

Perfect Me can edit face to skinny face, bigger eyes, taller nose. This app is perfect from other apps’ picture editor to make you look skinny.


  • Skinny Body- Make body waist slim and skinny.
  • Bikini Look- For looking amazing you can edit your photo.
  • Build abs to look like six abs muscles.
  • Add tattoos
  • Edit face
  • Remove acne and make your face cleaner.

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2. RetouchMe

RetouchMe App

RetouchMe is a body editor app from which you get a thin body, thin face, greater butt, quick abs corner, smooth skin develop lips, greater bosoms.


  • Edit Selfie
  • Complete face editor
  • Full virtual makeover with lipstick, eye liner, eye shadow, Eye lashes, Blushes.
  • Photo Makeup App

The Retouch Me app has more than 20 Million ladies and men users. If you want to complete makeup apps then join Retouch Me.

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3. Body Editor

Body Editor App

Body Editor is the best app for body shaping. This is also the best photo editor app to make you skinny in pictures.  The app has many features to get editing to enlarge breasts, shrink waist, enhance hips, slim face, slim body and increase height.

Also you can edit your six pack abs, add muscles, chest, and tattoos to your body.


  • Body Shaper
  • Breast Enlarger
  • Hip Enhancement
  • Slim Face
  • Waist Slimming
  • Height Correction
  • Slim Down
  • Change Hairs, Beard
  • Add Six Pack Abs/Muscles/Chest stickers
  • Add Tattoo stickers
  • Photo Collage Maker Body Shape Editor

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4. Make me Slim make me Tall

Make me Slim make me Tall

Make me Slim is a picture editor to make you look skinny. The app is the best app to edit your photos slim from top to bottom.

Also, there are many features including resizing your face, applying filters, frames and many.


  • Editing Tool – You can choose an image directly from the gallery and change the body parts separately through this editing tools.
  • Height – change height through slider easily
  • Waist – you can change your waist slim and flat.

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5. Body Plastic Surgery

Body Plastic Surgery App

Body plastic surgery is a perfect & powerful photo editor for body shape. In the app there are many features to increase or decrease height, slim waist, widen/narrow, glam body.


It supports three types of surgery menu.

  • Height/Width, slim/chubby width.
  • Various auto filters that can move your photo to red guide and you can change your body slim and skinny.
  • It also has an amazing Touch Editor tool for modifying particular area of the body

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6. BodyTune

BodyTune App

BodyTune is best for fat to skinny photo editors and your body makes you slim. The application will consequently distinguish the pieces of your body so you can pick what moves you need to make on it. You can pick the state of your paunch and waistline, for instance. The application will show you a few varieties and you simply pick one which fits better into the image.


  • Body Shape Editor
  • Waist Slimmer Editor
  • Height Correction Editor
  • Perfect Muscle Editor
  • Add Tattoos to Body
  • Skin Tone Editor

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7. Spring

Spring App for Fat to Slim

Spring app is different from other apps because it helps to change the height.

This application is somewhat not quite the same as the past ones as it focuses on a little unique sort of crowd. It is presumably valued by both young men and young ladies, a more developed crowd, and half-proficient photographic artists. The key element is that it makes you look thin in a characteristic manner with no hard controls.


  • Slimming
  • Head resizing
  • Height stretching

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8. Make me thin fat body editor

Make me thin fat body editor

Make me thin fat body editor is a fat to skinny photo editor.

Many ladies and men are not satisfied with the size of their buttocks and they would like to change their size without losing the curves. This app makes it possible. This app makes your body skinny. Also change your bust bigger or smaller and change the shape of head


  • Detect face and body automatically
  • Use slider to make slim body
  • Easy interface to adjust photo
  • Features like redo, undo
  • View before and after photo and compare easily
  • Save photo into the mobile albums
  • Easy sharing through email or sms or you can directly share in different social media platform

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Bottom Line

Remember first thing these are apps to make you skinny in pictures not in real life. You can change your body shape in different styles or also you can change using fat to skinny photo editor.

It depends on your choice by comparing features from the above apps that make you look thinner. All above are 8 best apps that make you skinny for android and iPhone available.


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