AI is dominating every industry and has helped people in almost every profession. AI highly influences arts and creative work, and many artisans are using it. Now the bigger question is whether AI Artwork can be copyrighted or not. Because if it can be copyrighted, anyone can ask for Copyright irrespective of the fact that he has no contribution to that art. A recent judgment by a US court has cleared everyone’s doubt regarding this. So without wasting time, let’s get into detail.

US Court Decision on AI-Created Artwork

Stephen Thaler, a computer scientist, filed a case against US Copyright Office in the District Court for rejecting his appeal for Copyrights. More specifically, Stephen Thaler has applied for Copyrights for his visual art, but the twist is this art was created by DABUS(Device for the Autonomous Bootstrapping of Unified Sentience)-an AI system. Now there was no human contribution to this art, and thus US Copyright Office has rejected his appeal for Copyrights.

Thaler has filed a case appealing the reversal of the US Copyright Office’s decision. Now the courts have rejected his ple stating AI-created artwork doesn’t come under Copyright. The judge strongly agreed with the fact that only human creatives have the right to get legal copyrights. Thus US Copyright Office’s decision was accepted.

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What is generative AI?

Generative AI is a revolutionary field of AI that is gaining attention from all across the globe. From Google to Microsoft and Amazon to Meta, every major tech giant is spending billions of dollars on Generative AI. This AI field is related to generating images, text and other high-quality creative using multiple generating models. After analyzing a creative’s patterns, structure, and other specifications, Generative AI will create similar creatives without any further input.

Many artisans and professional content creators are using Generative AI to create unique and highly appealing content. These creatives are not only unique but also far way better than human’s general creatives. However, nothing can match the creativity level of the human mind, but for fast results, people are using this field of AI extensively.


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