Luna 25 Crashed

In a major setback, Russia’s Lunar mission failed badly after the Luna 25 crashed into the Lunar surface on Sunday. Russia’s first moon mission after 47 years was set to do a soft landing on the Lunar South Pole on August 21, but the probe was destroyed badly on the lunar’s surface. Russia’s Luna 25 was competing against India’s Chandrayaan 3, which is set to do a soft landing on August 23.

Though the Luna 25 was launched several days after Chandrayaan 3, it was ready to land on Moon before India’s ambitious mission. But unfortunately, the mission was not successful at all. Indian experts and netizens have shown support for Russia, as India did not see Luna 25 as a competitor. Let’s know what happened to Luna 25 in detail.

Why was Luna 25 Crashed?

As per the official statement from Russia’s Space Agency ROSCOSMOS, the spacecraft becomes uncontrollable while entering the pre-landing orbit. As mentioned, the Luna 25 was set to soft-land on August 21. It was doing the final orbit and was ready to enter the pre-landing orbit. But due to some technical issues or emergency, the connection with the probe was lost, and it went into an undefined orbit resulting in the crash. As per the initial analysis, there was a technical fault, but a detailed investigation will give a clear picture of this failure.

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Chandrayaan 3 Status?

Indian Space Research Organization has confirmed the soft landing of Chandrayaan 3 on August 23. The probe has completed all its phases, including the second deboosting. Currently, the lander is only 25 Km away from Lunar Surface. As per ISRO officials, Vikram is finding the perfect landing site, and it will attempt the soft landing on August 23.ISRO has also confirmed the time, and you can watch Vikram’s soft landing on ISRO’s official channels from 5:47 PM onwards on August 23. The spacecraft and all its instruments are functioning properly, and the situation is fully under control.

Chandrayaan 2 Welcomed Chandrayaan 3

As Chandrayaan 3 is in its last phase of searching for a landing site, it has established a connection with Chandrayaan 2. Currently, Chadrayaan 2 is orbiting the moon perfectly, and it has formally welcomed Chandrayaan 3. Chandran 2 orbiter welcomed Chandrayaan 3’s Lander Module by sending a message: ” Welcome Buddy!”.


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