Foxit PDF Reader is one of the most complete, fast and portable pdf readers available nowadays.

It’s used by million users all over the world and it has some nice features in it according to its description.

  • Easy-to-use interface based on the familiar Microsoft Office ribbon, which can be customized for your particular preferences.
  • Create PDF from multiple sources
  • Provide feedback to document authors
  • Post opinions or ideas in the document’s Discussion Board
  • Share files with integration through popular cloud storage services
  • Tools to assist in standardization of enterprise-wide deployments

Coming back to our Foxit PDF reader…

It’s perfect, but as all software, it has bugs in it.

In particular (not always) when you open a PDF file, a crash occurs, apparently without any reasons. There are many brillant websites like SODAPDF that can be used for smooth pdf related work.

Today I’m showing you why and how to fix it definitely!

As I have analyzed, it is caused by ads showing into the main screen, in fact to fix it you have just to disable some stuff.

Follow these steps.

  • Open Foxit PDF Reader
  • Click on file
  • Preferences
  • General
  • Uncheck both “show start page” and “show advertisement”
  • Enjoy

Easy, isn’t it? Your favourite PDF reader will work as it’s meant to do.

As I know, it will be officially fixed in some future release of it, but if you use this tutorial you’ll block its ads too!

If you want a clearer explaination, watch this video tutorial that I made for you:

I suggest you to take a look to another tool : Phantom PDF

It is perfect if you need to edit your PDFs with all the goodies of a common file editor… and much more.

Phantom PDF, description

  • Create PDF from multiple sources and then modify text, objects, format, organization, and layout with powerful document editing capabilities
  • Secure sensitive information by granting and revoking document access, redacting specific information, encryption, or digital signatures
  • Collaborate through shared review, sharing your files on cloud storage services, and integrating with leading CMSs
  • Go paperless with scanning, OCR, and editing of paper documents
  • Export to Microsoft Office

You can download both from the official page.



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