Android Smartphone already covered the almost market of mobile phones. People found them easy to use and having many features. The more android spread, the more risk grows up.

The money race is going among the companies. Android itself is known as an highly secured operating system. But there are many ways to hack the system.

Android is also vulnerable and hacked by apps, like kingroot apk it cracks its security for root it. It is the best example to show.

In high-end devices that cost much, these apps are failed to work because companies implement security in best way. But all cheap smartphone are easy to hack. There is one another thing to understand here that if any security leaks found in high priced phones it is fixed immediately with some patches released by the OEMs. But in cheap smartphone they are never fixed.

Internal Applications provided by manufacturers are inside phones just because the manufactures want to earn some money. So whenever they launch a mobile we found 3rd party applications inside the system. This make a huge risk of privacy because no one can guarantee those apps, so your privacy is on a high risk. Every of those third party apps have lot of permission and also they are inside the system partition, so they have full control of your device.

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So using a android phone is always full of risks about privacy. Every smartphone has 3rd party apps installed as system app. No company gives the warranty on stealing any information by them.

iOS has the same fate, we have already seen the wiki leaks that CIA has all the tools to hack every system, but for sure on iOS is more difficult, since it is more strict about third party apps installation.

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To earn some damm money they insert those apps in their phones, but they do not think about our right to the privacy, that is already lost when we touch a smartphone.



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