Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most interesting sectors of IT that is growing up fast, since companies are interested about it due to its high usefulness it could have in future everyday life.

If we think a second, all in our life is automized by machines… our smartphones, TVs, laptops, every single technological gadget is helping or entertaining us someway.

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As you know and as I told in the post above, all tech stuff work as they are coded to. If a device is meant to write, it will just write, nothing more.

They are stupid machines not humans capable of everything.

But if we want to teach them to do anything else? Well, here comes artificial intelligence.

AI wants to make programs smart, capable of learning new stuff, not only do what they were initially meant to.

If we sum up, AI wants create software capable of coding itself alone, without human help.

Yes, it could seem absurd to you, but AI works just like this and Quick Draw, by Google, is an example of a machine learning software.

How does it work?

It is a simple program that tells you to draw something and if you do it correctly, it will recognize tthat, the image or symbol you wrote on the screen, matches to the one asked.

It’s a silly tool apparently, but it contains all the machine learning and AI stuff in it because the more drawings are done, the better it becomes to recognize them.

We already seen how technology can break our privacy rights, and we have to be really careful even to the news that technology brings to us.

AI is just the beginning of a new era of technology, where programs are not coded by men to improve but they improve on their own, just like men.

Is this a good thing in your opinion or it could lead us to new problems?

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