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Internet telephony has found wide application in all spheres of life.This technology allows you to stay connected anywhere and anytime both for business and daily life.

Temporary Chinese number

calling from number

Direct phone number in China is a service from HotTelecom, which allows customers to reduce the cost of international calls and open a representative office in China. At the same time, the users incur no additional costs for the purchase of equipment and gain access to the system quickly even if they do not have a physical presence in China. You can find mor info at the link below:

The user can redirect incoming phone data to local or mobile phones anywhere in the world, or without charge, to SIP devices because the phone data is not physically connected to any addresses in the nation. Because the virtual number has the format of a typical Chinese city code, the caller will believe that the owner of the virtual phone is located in his country.

Benefits of connecting virtual technologies

The client can use the technology for both business and personal communication.

The advantages of IP telephony are obvious:

  • The user can bring his company to a new market without going abroad.
  • In case of moving or going on vacation, the Chinese virtual number retains the ability to work.
  • Convenient communication with Chinese users. It is easier for customers to contact the company when they make a call to a local number.
  • High loyalty, which gives the multi-channel function. This option is beneficial for online stores, marketplaces, and call centers. Buyers will spend less time waiting for an answer in line.

The other benefit is favorable connection and SMS rates in comparison to roaming.

What is the function of a virtual phone number?

Virtual technologies enable you to take advantage of all the features of modern IP telephony:

  • free PBX service (history, greeting, and recording);
  • incoming free;
  • call forwarding to both landlines and mobile phones;
  • forwarding to SIP devices.

The soft background on your computer or smartphone can be used to receive and send calls.

Paid ring forwarding to landlines and mobile phones can be configured.

To do this, the user must:

  • register on the service provider’s website by following the instructions;
  • pay the service fee and receive a virtual phone number.

The buyer can use the number to receive incoming rings from residents of China and make calls around the world through a personal SIP account and soft phone.


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