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YouTube, as a free-to-use service is more sought after by users to watch videos as per their requirements. Of course, it is one of the lucrative platforms to make money and YouTube alone had made $7 Billion as revenue through Advertisements. These are the statistics for 2021 alone.

However, as a user, we may find it interrupting and tend to click on the ‘skip’ button or wait and watch the Ad till it gets over. It is at times annoying. But, why worry when you have a few ways to stop the Ads from popping up.

This article shall give you the three best ways to get rid of Ads on YouTube as you watch the videos.

The first 3 methods mentioned in this article are authentic and follow procedures that are legitimate and offer desired results. However, we have also added a simple trick that might work in a few browsers for both desktops as well as cellphones.

Method – I – Use a suitable Ad-Blocker

Ad-Blocker for Youtube
Choose a Ad blocker for the Youtube app.

You can use an appropriate Adblocker application or a web extension to block all the Ads from popping up. In fact, effected-blockers shall get rid of all the advertisements even while you are browsing through the internet.

Such a solution is highly recommended as it helps

  1. Block Pop-up Ads
  2. Block Banners
  3. Block redirections
  4. Block ad-trackers

As you see, such pop-ups, banners and other redirections shall come up due to past web usage behavior. You can conveniently block them by using the following steps.

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Step 1:  Choose the preferred Ad-Blocker for your Mobile or your desktop. We have choosen “Free Adblocker Browser: Adblock & Private Browser” app.

Step 2:  You must create an account and also choose a suitable subscription plan.

Step 3: Activate the Ad-blocker and enjoy ad-free browsing and watching YouTube videos without any interruptions.

Alternatively, users who are privacy conscious and cannot spend funds on subscribing can still download a free ad or a popup blocker from Google Playstore.

Method – II – Remove Ads from Your YouTube Channel Videos

While the previous method allows you to watch YouTube videos without any interruptions, you must also do the same for your fans on your YouTube channel. Do you want them to know about you? Or other brands?

You can conveniently remove the Ads for your viewers and create a delectable user experience. At the same time, the focus of your viewers shall be increased and thereby increasing your brand value.

Step 1: Log in to YouTube

Step 2: You will find your profile picture, click on that

As you click on the profile picture, you will find the following menu options as a drop-down

  • Your channel
  • Purchases and Memberships
  • YouTube Studio
  • Switch Account
  • Sign Out

Step 4: Click on ‘YouTube Studio’

As you do that,

Step 5: Click on ‘Continue’

You will find the following options

  • Dashboard
  • Videos
  • Playlists
  • Analytics
  • Comments
  • Subtitles

Step 6: Click on ‘Videos’

Here, you can select any video for which you would like to block the Ads.

Step 7: As you select the video, on the left-hand side, you will find the option ‘Monetization’

Step 8: Click on that and click on ‘OFF’ to turn off ads

Step 9: Finally, click on ‘Update Videos’

Method – III –Disable Ads With Premium Subscription

Youtube Premium
Join Youtube Premium Subscription

Lastly, the Ads from YouTube can be easily turned off just by using a premium subscription. The subscription allows you to watch the videos without any interruption. The design of the membership is in such a way that it offers a smoother video-watching experience.

Adblocker is the best way to block the Ads for free YouTube users, still, they may find it challenging to activate it on a mobile phone or on desktop. As you use the device, go on to the menu, settings, and content and select content blockers such as Ad – Blocker.


Secret trick to block ads in Youtube video.

There is another way to block the Ads from popping up while watching YouTube videos. This is a type of trick that you may use to block the Ads from appearing.

The simple way is to add a dot once the domain URL is typed. Say for example, if the URL is link)

You can add a dot like the one mentioned below link)

This trick can also be used as you use YouTube on cell phones. All that you need to do is, open the site in ‘desktop mode’. It might not be working on Firefox but works well with Google Chrome and also in Mac browsers.

While the first 3 methods are authentic, the trick with a period or full stop cannot be trusted. As the trick is known to many people right now, YouTube could have normalized the same by now. Attempt and see if it works for you as you read this article.


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