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With increase in popularity of TikTok, Google company had introduced a new feature of Shorts in its YouTube app. Because of its short video length YouTube shorts are quite popular among youth these days. 

The shorts work in a continuous-loop, where you will be shown consecutive short videos that you enjoy watching. Overall, YouTube tracks your interest and shows you similar videos in its app.

Friends, at first sight, you may think that it is a good feature, but such a feature is made to waste your time. These short videos also affect your concentration power a lot.

I highly dislike Shorts and find them disturbing when mixed with the usual content.

YouTube wants you to spend more and more time on the YouTube app so that they will be able to monetize their ads as much as possible.

Friends, as we all know, YouTube is a very good video-sharing platform, where we can learn a lot and also create our content and earn a lot of money.

So, friends, now let us know, how to disable the YouTube shorts feature from the YouTube app. Here I will tell you some tips and tricks, using which you can get rid of this annoying feature.

1. DELETING YOUTUBE search history data

The easiest way to disable YouTube shorts from your YouTube app is by deleting all the search history data. This way you can temporarily disable YouTube shorts from your smartphone. If there is no data history for YouTube shorts, YouTube will not suggest them in its app.

To do this follow these simple steps: –

Step 1: Go to the library in the YouTube app.

Screenshot Youtube APP

Step 2: Open the History tab from the library, here you will find all the history related to your regular videos and short videos.

History Youtube App

Step 3: Press the top-right menu and select history control.

Step 4: Select Clear watch history and close your YouTube app.

Clear Watch Screen YouTube App

Step 5: Now open the app again from your smartphone, this time you will not see any youtube short suggestions while you are scrolling down the videos list.

This is the only method that will work on android as

2. Downgrading the YouTube apps

This is the best method for permanently removing the youtube short feature from the youtube app. As we have seen in the earlier methods ‘Short’ was stopped appearing on the app but the youtube short icon is still there.

As we all know youtube had brought the youtube shorts feature in 2021, so if we download the old version of the youtube app then the youtube short option will not be there. So to do this follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Uninstall the existing youtube app from your smartphone.

Step 2: Click on the below link and download the Youtube 15.44.24 version on your android smartphone.

Step 3: Open Setting on your smartphone and select Apps

Step 4: In the list of apps choose the YouTube app and press the force updating option.

Step 5: Now open the YouTube app from your smartphone and here you will not see any shorts feature.

3. Installing third-party alternative apps

Many third-party apps can you install on your smartphone. These apps will take data from youtube and don’t show any advertisements or youtube shorts. Earlier there was a Vanced app that was very popular as an alternative to the youtube app. However, the Vanced app has been discontinued from the company.

There is another app named Newpipe that you can download and install on your smartphone. It is a kind of clone of a youtube app, however, you will not find any kind of advertisement or shorts suggestion in this app. Follow these a few steps to install the Newpipe app.

Newpipe app
Newpipe app

Step 1: Download the NewPipe APK file on your android smartphone.

Step 2: Install the downloaded file.

Step 3: Enjoy youtube without youtube’s short feature.


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