Is your Ulefone armor is overheating? Heating Mobile is common problem now a days, why its heating? for solution you need to figure out what is causing it.. here are some reason that may cause it is made by solid materials therefore no help for reduce heat. has octa core processor and that need more energy, and causing heating up.

3. it is a 4G mobile and if there is any problem with network like if you are using 4G where connectivity is low then its tends to heat up, even if you are calling and network is low may heat up.

4. if you are using 4G internet and also use hotspot feature in your Ulefone armor then it may cause heat.

5. May be Heating up when you are using it while charging

6. heating-up when play HD Games.

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If you think  that your ulefone armor mobile is heating because of upper issues then there is no serious problem. but if there is anything other like heating even no use, mobile in idle, i think you should try a factory reset and dont install apps from anywhere other then play store.

You May Check following thing to solve the problem:

  1. check…. if you are using any antivirus program then uninstall it and check after.
  2. check… if you are using apps like battery saver then uninstall it and check after,
  3.  check.. if remind yourself that you install an app  and problem of heating come after.
  4. check… carefully check your installed App if you found any suspicious app then uninstall it.


If you have Rooted your mobile may have installed any app and changes some configuration it may cause to heating up. if you rooted and the problem came after all you need is to flash ROM again, i don’t think factory reset will help in this condition. you need to download ROM and flash it using SP Flash TOOL, i don’t have link for ROM yet, if i find it later i will tell. if you have it then please leave link in comment for ROM,


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