Hello Guys welcome to veditto. Is your Chrome infected and opening ads pop up, how to get rid with this problem. It can be caused by two things.First is Browser extensions and Second you have any virus/adware or whatever


let go with First and most common reason, its extension.

If you have installed any extension from any unknown source. It may cause changing your home page and showing ads and popups. This type extension comes when you visit a infected website or a website that force you to add an extension, to use it one of feature and you do. what you should in this case

All you need to do remove that extension. Go to Chrome setting choose extension and check if there is any extension you assume it be causing problem. normal extension for a chrome are from GOOGLE. like google doc,google sheets,and google slide. if there is anything you can remove that extension. if that does dont solve the problem you may need to uninstall the Chrome browser and delete the files in ” C:\Documents and Settings\*UserName*\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome” this folder(check all user accounts for this location). Now install chrome Browser again. Now it should work fine,if the problem was due to extension.


Second, you may have virus,malware,adware,spyware or whatever an infecting file. you need to find out such file. You need to close the process from that file/virus. Take these steps to Find out the right process:

Check show hidden file option in View Menu.

  • Right click on taskbar and Open task manager
  • Click show process from all users.
  • Now check any process that name looks suspicious like tr3d.exe. (In windows 8 or above process are grouped by windows process and background process.
  • Look at background processes.
  • Right click on a suspicious process and open file location.
  • You will see now where this process running from.
  • If this process running From any temp folder, cache folder app data folder, or you think its surely a virus or infecting file.
  • Then you need to open task manager and end process it. Also delete the file.
  • Remember do not delete anything from windows or system32 or system folder.

Finding From MSCONFIG Command

  • Open start menu.
  • Type “msconfig” in start menu  without “”.
  • A window will open.choose the tab startup.
  • In windows 8 and windows 10 startup shift to task manager. Open task manager and go to start up Tab
  • Check programs listed here for startup location.
  • If you find any Suspicious program, running from a location like” C:\Documents and Settings\*UserName*\Local Settings\Application Data” or from temp folder or anywhere (but not in system 32)
  • Go to the location and delete that file.

Thank you. i hope you will solve your problem if anything more you can ask me here.








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