how to root ulefone armor, there are many method available to root this mobile, but rooting this mobile will void your warranty, i am not responsible for any damage to your mobile, this mobile is running on android 6.0 and its make it hard for root but there is two method that can help you

Try kingroot :

Kingroot is a Chinese apk, and have a high success rate to root any mobile, but it also install purify in your smartphone for better optimization purify also available on google play, you can uninstall it later. kingroot need internet connection for root, its also collect data from your smartphone like device id, IMEI number about this they said its help them for creating a more optimize app.

here is full tutorial and download link

Try Kingoroot :

kingroot and kingo root is different software but both required internet connection, it will also take the same data from your mobile. to get root with kingoroot, first you need to install custom twrp recovery

here is detailed tutorial about twrp install

Method 3

The best method to root ulefone armor is here  In method 2 where you install custom recovery then you can choose to install super su too there, use supersu update zip, i trust supersu more then any other root apks, its simple and looks more safe.

WHEN YOU SHOULDN’T USE ROOTING  ROOTING itself is good thing to get most out of your smartphone, but if you are using rooted smartphone for any financial thing, like using wallet in mobile or using internet banking on your smartphone, here it may leads to theft data by any apps that granted su access.

using root you may unsafe your mobile, for me i used rooted smartphone before but one day i found some bad thing in my smartphone, i had root explorer and i was checking files in ROM in data folder i found some images that was screen shot of my mobile, and its tends to upload on an server. i was really shocked at that time, but no way that which app was doing that, because many apps using su permission. anyway if you too found things like this please tell me also.




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