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With varieties of smartwatches available in the market, women have their own preferences. The lean and slender stature of women requires a suitable watch that matches their style statement too.

Of course, there need to be comprehensive features that help track fitness levels too. While there are many brands and models available in all budget ranges, selecting the one that suits your figure and requirement can be challenging. This article allows you to choose the right one.

Top Smartwatches for Women in India

1# Noise Colour Fit 3 PRO

Noise Colour Fit 3 PRO

The amazing TFT touchscreen and the TruView Display shall be your pick if you are planning to flaunt your watch for seeking attention. This Noise colorfit smartwatch is an excellent piece of equipment that is not only cost-effective but has several features that most elite smartwatches have.

The 10-day battery life leaves you unplugged and monitors your health stats at just a glance. The sleep monitor and the heart rate calculator are commendable. With 10+ sports apps available for you, your daily activities can be tracked pretty easily.


  1. SPO2 monitor gives accurate results
  2. 10-day battery life


  1. Not as water-resistant as the other products in this category

2# Boat Smartwatch

Boat Smartwatch

The boAt is a perfect watch for your fitness transformation. The second watch on the list is cost-effective too. With most of the brands with high price tags, the Boat Smartwatch has everything in it for a female fitness enthusiast. The watch has 9 different sports apps that help you track your daily activities.

The other features are similar to the smartwatches but have extremely accurate results. The technology incorporated helps one achieve the required fitness goal with a good amount of motivation too. You need not worry about the seat or water splash as this is 5ATM water-resistant.


  1. Less expensive watch with commendable features
  2. Smart notifications through vibrations for calls and texts is instant


  1. Accuracy of heart rate is compromised, does not give precise values

3# Fire-Boltt ring smartwatch

Fire-Boltt ring smartwatch

This is trending and mostly preferred by teenagers. You can change the watch faces as you like. A slightly expensive model compared to the other two on the list. But has extremely useful metrics to monitor your health. With a complete touch facilitated smartwatch, you can track your oxygen rates and the device helps to monitor sleep activity too.

The 1.7 inches display allows you to look at the data clearly, the calorie tracker is what the women will be looking for. You can check your calorie count after every activity too.


  1. Gesture control capacity and feature is fabulous
  2. An advanced multi-port activity tracker


  1. An expensive watch

4# Amazfit Bip U Pro

Amazfit Bip U Pro

This is more or less sold at the same price as the Fire Boltt. The main difference is, this device has more than 60 different sports apps connected. You can not only monitor your oxygen levels but also get detailed information about the activities done for the day. The watch has Alexa in-built. The device comes in a variety of colors too.

Further, you can change the watch faces as in the previous model, but here you have more than 50 options which makes it more comprehensive and versatile.


  1. Wider Screen display and brighter display capacity
  2. A light body making it easy to wear


  1. Sleep monitoring is not as good as the other models in this category

5# Gionee STYLFIT


This is the best watch for women. The 4.3 cm wider display allows you to see the data very clearly. This has a wider screen range than all the other models on this list. The built-in mic and speaker allow you to be on the go all the time without needing to touch your phone for calls and texts. A matte black finish looks gorgeous for any skin type and color too.

The remote camera option makes it a versatile device with most of the smartwatch features available with a click. You can monitor your heart rate with pinpoint accuracy and keep checking your oxygen levels too.


  1. The menstrual tracker is commendable in this device


  1. Battery life is pretty less compared to many of the devices in this category

6# Garmin Lily

Garmin Lily

This is in the elite category of a smartwatch for women. An excellently sleek model speaks for itself in terms of elegance. The patterned lens and the touchscreen are amazing to operate. A white color band and the watch border look extremely beautiful on you. You can track your critical health stats using this smartwatch.

You can not only track your steps but also your stress levels. Apps for Yoga and walking keep you relaxed the whole day. You can practice mindful breathing as well.


  1. 5 days and more of battery life
  2. The energy level tracker is amazing in this watch


  1. None as of now

7# Apple Watch SE

Apple Watch SE

As with any Apple Watch, this is extremely heavy on features. Understand, if you need all of your health aspects to be tracked, then go for it. You can share the data with your friends too. With many apps on the Apple store, you can track almost anything and keep track of your important health stats. The price of the watch is similar to Lily, but for the features, you cannot beat the Apple product.

With customized options to change the band, the watch can run unplugged for more than a week.


  1. The GPS enabled Apple watch is an extremely useful device
  2. Fast processor and processing speed


  1. Expensive model and some may find the features not required too

8# Fitbit Versa 3

Fitbit Versa 3

This smartwatch can be used by women who are particular about their fitness levels. This watch motivates you to be fit, yes. The variety of sports apps in the watch helps you to stay on target in terms of calorie count too. With the daily readiness score, you will feel good if you are consistent in working out.

The blood monitoring feature and the heart rate monitoring aspect is highly commendable. With the oxygen rates tracked, you will get comprehensive data about your health from time to time.


  1. Sleek watch
  2. The readiness score gives you the motivation you need to workout


  1. The accuracy of the results might be compromised


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