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Due to the excessive use of technology, we are adapted to use plenty of tech gadgets in our day to day life. It is very important for us to know, how to purchase them so that we get maximum features at the minimum price. Many time we purchase devices without getting know about their features which will give us a bad experience. We are going to discuss here what to look for when buying a smartwatch.

As we all know the smartwatches are the hot trending gadget nowadays and everyone is looking for them. Smartwatches not only tell us the time but also giving us a dynamic look and alert us using various notification features. And of course, they are the style statement too, like the traditional watches!

Which smartwatch should I buy?

When you think of buying a smartwatch a number of questions come in your mind for e.g.

Which smartwatch should I buy? What are the key features one should look into in a smartwatch? Should we select smartwatches similar to our smartphones?

So to answer all your questions and make your decision easy and firm, here we have made a few steps, which will surely help you to buy your first smartwatch.

Choose your Smartwatch [step by step]

Here is the step by step smartwatch buying guide, which you should consider while buying a smartwatch. I have included all the key features of the smartwatch in these 13 simple steps.

Step-1: Purchase a budget-friendly smartwatch

Budget Friendly Smartwatch
budget-friendly smartwatch

Always remember that purchase smartwatch under your budget, I see many people who purchase device out of their budget and then they are not able to maintain their smartwatches or other devices due to maintenance charges.

For the first time buyers, a range between 2000 Rs to 5000 Rs is recommended. You can easily get all kind of features in this price range.

Step-2: The Design

Most of the smartwatches are available in the indian market with a lot of customization tools and the user has the option to choose its design, material and front face and other features. So when you are going to purchase any smartwatch first look for various designs for which you desired for. You can choose the design according to your style.

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The body and design of the Smartwatch Strap are as important as the watch itself. If your smartwatch doesn’t have a good strap, then it will ruin all your joy. Like any traditional watch, you can get smartwatches with a leather strap, Rubber strap, SS Strap or Chain Strap, etc.

Step-3: Compatibility with your smartphone

Finow X5 Air Smartwatch Sync with iPhone 6
Finow X5 Air Smartwatch Sync with iPhone 6

Many indian smartwatches are designed to serve as a companion device with your smartphone, they also have a dedicated app for the smartphones (For e.g. Amazfit App for Xiaomi Phones). So it is very important for us to check, whether the smartwatch works with your smartphone or not.

When you sync your smartwatch with your smartphone, you can get all your details and record your data in the smartphone.( For e.g. you can see the daily calorie burn or monitor the heart rate through your phone.)

Step-4: Calling Facility

Single Sim Facility in Zeblaze Thor Smartwatch
Single Sim Facility in Zeblaze Thor Smartwatch

Smartwatches can also be used as calling purpose like your smartphones. They have the facility of the microphone so that you can easily talk to anyone. Most of the smartwatch manufacturer provide a single Sim slot. You can perform each and every task, which you can do with your smartphones.

Step-5: Presence of heart rate meter and Pedometer

Pedometer in Finow X5 Air Smartwatch
Pedometer in Finow X5 Air Smartwatch

Always purchase a smartwatch with features of heart rate meter and a pedometer if you like to track your fitness level on day to day basis and it should be built-in GPS to take benefit of heart rate meter and pedometer.

Step-6: Decent Battery Life

Comparison of Battery Life
Comparison of Battery Life

One of the very important steps is to check its battery life because smart devices always have problems with their battery life. Most of the budget smartwatches have a battery life of around one or two days. So you should thoroughly check how much mAh battery life it has. You should also consider the various features because some of the standalone smartwatches with very less mAh can run up to a week! So you should not fully rely on mAh capacity.

Most of the smartwatches are turn off their screen when they are not in use to save their battery life.

Step-7: Operating System and Hardware

As you all know the operating system is the interference between computer hardware and user so it is very important that your smartwatch also works on a good operating system with compatibility to support all versions of Android. The Smartwatch can able to work with iPhone also, you can check whether your smartwatch is compatible with your smartphone using wear check in your browser. If we talk about Apple smartwatches then they have a restriction to work only with Apple iPhone and you can install various apps in your apple smartwatch by going to the iOS app store of the smartwatch.

Step-8: The Display

Display of a Smartwatch
Display of a Smartwatch

Most of the smartwatches utilize an LCD screen with AMOLED display, Some of the premium smartwatches like Apple Watch use the retina display. The resolution of the screen varies from watch to watch with its size. So you need not worry about these features.

You just need to check while opening various apps, photos, videos or any other documents, it should have good visibility with bright colors.

Step-9: Availability of Various Dials

Availability of Various Dials
Availability of Various Dials

It is the main feature which makes these wearable different from the traditional watches. Most of the smartwatches have pre-installed, eye-catching dials, which you can choose according to your mood. So before buying a smartwatch, you must check how many dial faces it has? For example, the latest Amazfit GTR Smartwatch has more than 100 watch faces!

For your information, some smartwatches even have the facility to add more watch dials, by manually downloading from the app store or the official website.

Step-10: Availability of Camera

2MP camera in Zeblaze Thor
2MP camera in Zeblaze Thor

Some of the premium smartwatches also offer a camera facility in their smartwatches. Frankly speaking, the camera quality of such watches are not as good as of smartphones. So it’s up to you whether you want a camera-smartwatch or not.

Some of the Chinese smartwatch manufacturers also providing camera in their budget smartwatches like Zeblaze Thor, Kingwear kw99 etc

Step-11: Presence of the Speaker and microphone

Smartwatches also have the speaker and microphone facility for listing to the music or for the voice recording. Generally, in a smartwatch you don’t get 3.5mm jack, so a decent quality speaker is necessary.

However for a Bluetooth enabled smartwatches, Bluetooth earplug can be a good option.

Step-12: Bluetooth and WI-Fi Connectivity:

A smartwatch must have the features of connection to android phones, using Bluetooth you can pair with a smartphone just like a Bluetooth speaker. It is one of the most basic connection a smartwatch must have but it valid only for short distance. The second important connection is Wi-Fi which is easily connected to your smartphone and you can receive various notifications (calls, texts, emails), but the drawback of its connection is a loss of power of your both devices.

The second important connection is Wi-Fi which is easily connected to your smartphone and you can receive various notifications (calls, texts, emails), but the drawback of its connection is a loss of power of your both devices.

Step-13: Network Support

3G and 4G are two different generations of network technology. The 4G smartwatch can load faster data as compared to 3G smartwatch but the difference is very nominal because neither has the capability to run high data-driven apps.

The new technology which is introduced earlier is LTE (Long term evolution), the main quality of LTE enabled smart watches are, they are completely work untethered from a smartphone. But it has a lot of disadvantage because by using this technology smart watches are bulky and consuming a lot of battery.

Right now in the market, all the budget smartwatches have the 3G network support. For the 4G Smartwatches, we still have to wait for a while.

Bottom Line:

These are the 13 important steps you must take before the purchase a smartwatch device. The two most popular brand of the smartwatches is Apple Watch and Samsung Gear. Some Chinese smartwatch manufacturer like KingWear, Zeblaze, Finow, No.1, etc also providing their low budget smartwatch in the market.

Now, these were the important things of this topic, what you look for when buying a smartwatch and we hope you have learned something from it. Now it’s your turn, so go and get your first smartwatch!



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