Upcoming Smartwatches 2020

The Smartwatch market is getting huge every passing day with brands all over the globe introducing new devices every now and then. This technology is also evolving and the competition in the market is getting more and more intense.

Every brand is working hard to integrate new and interesting features in their smartwatches so they can attract more customers. So, next year we could see some excellent smartwatches from popular brands around the globe and we think you are also as excited about this as we are.

In previous articles, we introduced you to the best smartwatches for men and women in 2020, and this time we have come up with upcoming launches in the wearable industry. So, without taking much time, let us jump directly to our compilation of upcoming smartwatches which could probably launch in the year 2021.

Upcoming Smartwatches 2021
Most Anticipated Upcoming Smartwatches in 2021

So, if you are planning to buy a smartwatch to enhance your style and to make a stunning fashion statement, then I advise you to wait for few more days as 2021 will bring you some of the coolest options for the latest technology studded smartwatches. So, in this article, we will give you an overlook of the most stylish smartwatches that will be available in the upcoming year. Let’s begin.

Best Upcoming Smartwatches of 2022

1# Apple Watch 8

The Apple Watch series is currently one of the best selling smartwatches all over the world and Apple is likely to launch its next-generation Apple Watch 7 anytime in the year 2022.

Apple Watch 7
Apple Watch 7

Apple Watch 4 introduced ECG sensor with fall detection and e-SIM support so it is interesting to know Apple Watch 7 will pack which exciting feature. Apple unveiled watchOS 6 earlier this month so we can expect that Apple Watch 5 will run over it. It will include an App Store first time and a variety of watch faces and features.

It is rumoured that it will have round shape screen along with cool fitness features like five pace metrics, in which five unique metrics-distance, speed, active calories, heart rate, and elapsed time are included. According to some sources, this Apple watch will be the Best 4G Smartwatch ever. The tracker of the watch also automatically stops when you stop walking, which is really cool.

Rumors also suggest that Apple Watch 7 is likely to have an in-built sleep tracking system and also a bigger battery to run it. It is also rumored that Watch 7 will boast a better OLED display manufactured by Japan Display and a system that monitors chemicals in the air to ‘smell’ for tracking your body odor and sensing air quality around you. We are very excited to see what changes Apple Watch 7 brings in the wearable industry.

2# Microsoft Surface Watch

Microsoft is a well-known name when it comes to PC’s and Tablets but is struggling when it comes to mobile phones and accessories. There are rumors that Microsoft is working with its Surface team for a new smartwatch that will run on Windows OS.

Microsoft Surface Watch
Microsoft Surface Watch

There are rumors that it will adopt a square design with Oxynitride Aluminum body which is 10 times more durable than regular metal.

Microsoft aims to create a business-oriented smartwatch with a long-lasting battery, large storage space, cloud connectivity, Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. According to some sources since is prototype is under-testing by the Surface team we can expect it to launch in the year 2020.

The sources say that this company has sent a prototype to their Surface team and the team is testing the prototype and will surely deliver an excellent product soon. The Surface brand is used for laptops, hybrids, and PCs right now, but in the future Surface Phone and Surface watch is also likely to come in the market.  The design of the Microsoft watch isn’t yet announced, but as per our reliable rumors, it will come with an Oxynitride Aluminum body, which will be harder than regular metal.

3# Samsung Galaxy Watch 2

Samsung launched its Galaxy Watch in August 2018 and we could say it is one of the best smartwatches for Android. There are reports which suggest that we could see its upgraded version the Galaxy Watch 2 next year. However, there are not many leaks about its specs but we can anticipate some improvements over original Galaxy Watch.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 2
Samsung Galaxy Watch 2

It had a very bulky design with rotating bezels so it is likely that the new smartwatch may sport a slim design with bezels still there. It ran on Samsung’s own Tizen OS which is not much developed so Samsung may jump on Google’s Android Wear OS for better app support.

If it doesn’t do that we could see a better OS and an improved Bixby assistant which was of no use in Galaxy Watch and is far behind than Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant. Galaxy Watch 2 may also come with a bigger battery with a price tag of around $400. We could also expect it come in a 5G version too.

4# Amazfit Bip 2

Amazfit BIP was a very successful sporty smartwatch from Xiaomi’s sub-brand Huami and it is expected that the brand will launch its successor Amazfit BIP 2 probably in the first quarter of 2020.

Amazfit Bip 2
Amazfit Bip 2

This Chinese smartwatch is already certified in the USA and has pretty same as Amazfit BIP. However, there are some upgrades in the hardware section including 5-ATM water-resistance and NFC support. It boasts a more colorful LCD display but with a lower resolution than its predecessor.

Amazfit BIP 2 will have some additional sports functions like swimming mode and an excellent battery with up to 40 days standby. The brands seem to be focused on the younger generation and as a result, BIP 2 is available in some cool colors, interchangeable straps and a price tag of just $100!

5# Garmin Fenix 6

Garmin Fenix smartwatches are well-known for their accurate GPS and are a great option for people into outdoor activities and sports.

Garmin Fenix 6
Garmin Fenix 6 Smartwatch

Recently Garmin launched Fenix 5 Plus with features like the ability to store music, pre-loaded topographical maps, Garmin Play, Galileo Oxygen Saturation. Now Garmin fans are very excited about Fenix 6 and it is likely to launch next year.

Fenix 6 could have a slimmer and more stylish design which can be worn whole day and night. It will pack features like more improved GPS, the ability to download music offline, NFC pay, ECG functionality, and some new sensors too. This 6th generation smartwatch is surely going to be an expensive one than the previous one.

6# Google Pixel watch

There had been rumors about Google Pixel Watch from years and we expect it to finally launch in first quarter of 2020. There is nothing confirmed about the design and specs of Pixel Watch but we expect it to sport a flagship-quality hardware and it may come in both Wi-Fi and LTE versions.

Google Pixel watch
Google Pixel watch

There are rumors that it can come with 1GB of RAM and will on a stock version of Wear OS or a version with special features just for Pixel Watch like it has done with Android for Pixel Phones. We could also see a significantly improved Google Assistant.

Google is looking to pack this smartwatch with premium features according to some reports. It could have a smaller design as it is likely to use a yet to be released processor and most probably may have a round-dial design.

Besides Pixel, Google is also ready to bring two new smartwatches on the market. Namely, Angelfish and Swordfish, are the two upcoming smartwatches of Google. The launch date of the respective watches is not cleared yet, but according to the sources, the watch will launch in 2020. According to the leaked information Angelfish, the smartwatch will have 42mm and 46mm sizes.

The watch will be packed with GPS, LTE, and many more connectivity features, and you will also get a heart-rate monitor, which will help you in checking your heart rate. The watch is likely to come with the Android Wear 2.0 OS, but it is not much clear yet.

On the other hand, Swordfish have fewer bezels then Angelfish and this watch will have one operating button only. It is expected that Swordfish will be the cheaper model and Angelfish will have higher prices.

7# ASUS ZenWatch 4

The brand the Smartwatch industry which will shatter all records in the upcoming year would be ASUS, and they are going to introduce new Smartwatch for us in 2021. The watch will be called ASUS ZenWatch 4.

ASUS ZenWatch 4
ASUS ZenWatch 4

It will be the successor of their previous watches with many advanced features.With a super-strong Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, you do not need your phone with you anymore. Similar to the ASUS zenwatch 3 it is rumoured that will also in round shape. So, this smartwatch is going to be one giant watch that will be available in 2019.

There are few other features available in the watch such as Asus Weather, Remote Link and even a flashlight app, which can be installed through the Manager App. It is Bluetooth compatible, can store up to 4GB of music. This watch is also going to be waterproof. Apart from not having a GPS system and heart rate monitor, this watch is definitely in the bucket list of best smartwatches of 2021.

8# Sony SmartWatch 4

After the success of Sony SmartWatch 3, it is expected that the new smartwatch in the series will be soon declared. The Sony previous smartwatch has been a game-changer, and the expectations from the new Sony SmartWatch 4 are high.

Sony SmartWatch 4
Sony SmartWatch 4

The launch date of the smartwatch is not yet announced, but according to the sources, this watch will grace the market at the end of 2020 or maybe at the beginning of 2021. Talking about the features of the watch, you might get Accurate GPS.

It will have an Android Pay option so that you can pay anywhere with you wearable. There will be a built-in Speaker. There will be an improvement in the sensor options and fast charging technology. All in all this smartwatch will be highly improved from its predecessor.

9# Huawei Watch 3

Huawei is another big name when it comes to manufacturing smartwatches. It launched Huawei Watch 2 in the year 2017 and we saw an upgraded version of Watch 2 in 2018. So, is there any chance of Huawei Watch 3 to launch? Most probably yes, we could see a third generation smartwatch somewhere in 2021.

Huawei Watch 3
Huawei Watch 3

Huawei may incorporate a square design in its Watch 3 and pack it with an array of features and as a result, we could see an interesting premium flagship smartwatch in the upcoming year.

According to some sources, the most promising feature of the watch would be its high scratch resistance quality. The company claims that they have used the second strongest metal to build this watch, so you will never face the trouble of getting scratched.

10# OnePlus Smartwatch

Well, if you think that I misspelled the smartwatch with a smartphone you are wrong. Because there are very bright chances in the future that OnePlus will also launch their smartwatch.

OnePlus Smartwatch
OnePlus Smartwatch

There had been rumors about OnePlus smartwatch since 2016 when OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei shared some smartwatch design sketches on Twitter. The sketches showed an excellent round dial design with one-click interchangeable bands.

However, at that time OnePlus dropped the idea of launching its own smartwatch but at this time when smartwatch market is gaining new heights.

There isn’t much information available about the smartwatch yet, so it is hard to tell more about it. However, like their smartphone, the smartwatch will also be a classic stellar.

11# Fitbit ionic 2

Fitbit Ionic was the first complete smartwatch from the brand but it lacked in so many aspects. But the Fitbit CEO, James Park confirmed to Wareable that Ionic will see an improved version may at starting of next year.

Fitbit ionic 2
Fitbit ionic 2

In March 2019, Park told Wareable, “Ionic will get refreshed at some point. It’s still an important part of our portfolio primarily because it caters to higher-end athletes, someone who’s much more active and fit, and the sensors there are specific for that use case whether it’s GPS or other things.

So there will always be a place at the high end of our roadmap.” So with this confirmation, we can expect Fitbit to come with an improved design, ECG function, added fitness features, better battery and a price tag similar to Fitbit Ionic.

12# Amazfit 3

Many rumors are circulating around internet which suggest Xiaomi is working on a new smartwatch with its sub-brand Huami.

Amazfit 3 Smartwatch
Amazfit 3 Smartwatch

This smartwatch is probably the successor of Amazfit 2 and is called Amazfit 3 and it will also be available in a sports variant.

Moreover, it could have an improved heart-rate sensor which could detect abnormal heartbeats at a cheap price tag.


In the upcoming year, companies like Apple, Samsung, and Sony are preparing their smartwatches and even Google too. So, in the coming year, you will see the best upcoming smartwatches mentioned above, and then you can choose for yourself which will be your first pick among them. With that being said, we will surely see many beautiful smartwatches in the upcoming year 2021.

We hope you liked our compilation of upcoming smartwatches of 2021, if you do kindly share your thoughts in the comments below and if you know any other gadgets to be added in the list please let us know.


    • What sources? I have a Zenwatch 2 and I LOVE IT! Wanted to buy the Zenwatch 3 but can’t find them anywhere! Zenwatch 4 would be awesome if Asus is really coming out with it, but I haven’t seen or heard anything about it besides this article.

      Would love to see an info source for the Zenwatch 4.

  1. Huawei has already released 2 smartwatches and you seem to be describing the first one which was released 3-4 years ago. In fact a few of these entries appear to be describing watches that these companies already released. This article seems like it was written years ago with the help of Google translate, then just changed the year to 2019 from 2016 (or whatever). Terribly written. Just terrible. SMH.


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