Must Watch Web Series on MX Player

Gone are the days when people would wait for a star-studded movie to release. Just like mobile phones and the internet have replaced the traditional telephones, watches, diaries, phone books, it is all set to rule the entertainment industry.

Audiences are more inclined to watch web series on OTT platforms than movies or daily soaps. Producers and directors have accepted this new fiesta and are continually releasing series masterpieces. Even the established directors like Prakash Jha, Zoya Akthar, Ken Ghosh, etc, have made their directorial debut on the OTT platforms.

Among all the OTT platforms, let us talk about a free platform today- MX PLAYER.  MX Player is a free platform with a wide range of series and movies from different languages of the world. With so many series being launched and loved, are you confused about where to start? Don’t worry! We hear you.

10 Best web-series on MX Player

After much reviewing and binge-watching, We have shortlisted the list of 10 best web-series on MX Player that you will love. Sorting through various genres and finalizing the best ones for you to dive into, these web series are unique and masterpieces.

So without much ado, let’s get started.

1. Samantar

IMDB Rating- 8.5

Do you believe in reincarnation or palm reading? Do you believe that there are two people in the world who share the same destiny? If you are fascinated with these things and love to explore more, Samantar is a web show you should not miss.

This web series challenges science and creates a plethora of questions that might have crossed your mind every now and then. A mystery thriller that revolves around the character Kumar (played by Swapnil Joshi), who considers himself the biggest failure in everything.

He is an atheist but when trapped in difficult situations, moves to seek help from GOD. Within the process, he meets a Guruji who reads his palm and conveys that he will have the same destiny as Sudarshan Chakrapani. The story then takes a roller-coaster ride when Kumar desperately searches for him, filling your mind with thrill and suspense. A great watch indeed!

2. Hello Mini

 IMDB Rating- 8.9

Everybody loves a fan following! But what if someone is stalking you everywhere- even at your home. Nothing you do or even talk about is private, because he knows it all.

This dreadful experience has been stupendously shown in the top-rated web series Hello Mini. As apparent from the title, Mini, who is trying to cope up with life after a bad breakup finds herself trapped & followed every moment.

The ghostly messages and amazing screenplay are enough to give you goosebumps while keeping you engaged throughout. A long series but definitely worth watching!

3. Ashram

IMDB Rating- 7.7

Another record-breaking series by Prakash Jha showing the depth of superstition and how people are manipulated by fraud saints or BABA. Bobby Deol looks enigmatic as BABA Nirala and flawlessly depicts the evil behind innocence.

Moreover, it shows how blind-folded people become when trusting ‘Kashipur wale Baba’. The story touches on some of the major social issues like caste discrimination, untouchability, etc.

However, as no evil deed remains hidden- a police officer is dedicated to bringing the truth out and several other twists await the fate of Baba Nirala. The series will undoubtedly keep you over the edge of your seat and you will enjoy every bit of it.

4. Paap

IMDB Rating- 6.5

The top-notch Bengali series is now available for binge-watching in Hindi on MX Player. Paap is an utterly intriguing murder mystery with an unexpected ending.

The story is about a girl Paru (played by Puja Banerjee), who returns to her home gradually unfolding tons of dark secrets from her past. Her visit is followed by a series of murders in the Choudhary household, all of which links directly to her.

The enigmatic performance of the main lead will keep your eyes clicked to the screen as the mystery detangles over the two seasons. A perfect thriller for your whole family.

5. Chakravyuh- An Inspector Virkar Crime Thriller

IMDB Rating- 7.5

Chakravyuh is an utterly engaging and suspense-driven crime drama that will keep you wondering what happens next. The story revolves around a hot-blooded cop Vikrar who falls into grave troubles because of his instinctiveness.

However, he is the prime choice for a most gruesome case of murders in Mumbai. The story revolves around the suspense associated in solving the case and the intense pressure Vikrar faces from his seniors and colleagues.

The twists and turns loaded with perfect characterization is one of the major factors that this web series has made its place here.


IMDB Rating 9

Inspired by one of the gems of hollywood- Breaking Bad, High has successfully made a place in this list. It has such a great fan following and is a definite recommendation on MX Player.

As the name suggests, High mainly focuses on drug addiction, its consequences, crime plots, and a magical pill. The story is about Shiv, who is a drug addict and comes to know about a new green magical pill that can give solace to anyone who has it.

It is a drug that can eradicate the need of any other addiction. Drug dealers and many other reputed people see it as a threat and desperately search for the maker- ‘to kill them’. The astounding and superb screenplay is enough to keep you glued to your seat. Experience the thrill and enormity at every scene of this web series for free.

7. Queen

IMDB Rating 8.8

A striking web series with a strong portrayal of politics, desires, and women empowerment is what defines ‘Queen’. Baahubali-fame Ramya Krishnan is the main lead of the series and will surely amaze you again with her acting skills.

The story describes the journey of Shakti Seshadri who was the state-topper but had to give up studies due to unavoidable circumstances. She worked in the film industry and was quite successful, but soon felt inferior.

She desired to achieve more and entered the world of politics, thereby making a special place in history. You can feel the resemblance to Tamil Nadu’s former CM Jayalalitha, but the makers deny the story being a biopic. You will love the inspiration and motivation this story can provide. So, don’t miss this gem of a series.

8. Hello

IMDB Rating 7.3

For all those people scrolling down to grab a masala series for the weekend, we have got you covered. Hello is a sweet story of a married Bengali couple,Nandita and Ananyo, who seems just perfect and very much in love.

Nandita is a typical Indian housewife, completely devoted to her husband and home, while Ananyo is a loving and caring husband. The story takes a steep turn when Nandita receives an MMS from an unknown number featuring Ananyo with a girl in compromising poses. What do you think she will do?

Take revenge, abandon him, forgive him, or try to win him back. Well, she chooses the fourth option and as the series progresses, the audiences get captivated with the thrill and excitement. An awesome series for every series enthusiast.

9. Mastram

IMDB Rating- 7.2

Here comes another series that depicts the fantasies of a young boy in a humorous and musical way. Mastram is set in the era of the 80’s, when there were no phones and the major source of entertainment was reading books.

The story revolves around Raja Ram (played by Anshuman Jha), who is a simple and subtle character with a passion for writing. However, even after much effort none of his work got published and the publisher advised him to write sleazy content.

Hesitating to proceed, he did give it a try and got immense love from his audience. The series shows all his imaginations and Raja Ram’s writing is so vivid and detailed that you can feel his shyness throughout. All in all, a great watch.

10. Runaway Lugaai

IMDB Rating- 8.3

While every series has a bit of humor in it, Runaway Lugaai is a complete comic series that will make you laugh and enjoy throughout. The story revolves around Rajni, who is a judge and very much controlled by his father, even after marriage with Bulbul.

On the other hand, Bulbul is a free-minded girl who aspires to become an actress. Both of them are married, but Bulbul leaves the house without any information. The story progresses and takes you to a hefty ride when Rajni, a judge, and his father, an MLA, search for Bulbul.

Their amends to carry on the search is what escalates the comic element of the series. Well, you need to watch the series to find out whether the father-son duo is able to track down Bulbul and what circumstances led to her fleeing the marriage.

These are the top 10 web-series that you can watch for free right away. So, what are you waiting for? Download the app and enjoy the show.


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