With the new era, there is a shift to buy smart watches, rather than tradition watches. Smartwatches are very popular these days; every company has started to make this piece of art watches. King Wear is another company that has entered this market. Shenzhen Kingwear Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd has been growing since it was established in the year of 2012.Since then, King Wear has launched high-end Android phones and have recently started making smart watches. Its recent budget smartwatch Kingwear KW88 Pro or the KW68 get a lot of praise among the user worldwide.

KingWear KW99 Smartwatch Review

This time they have come up with a new KingWear KW99 smartwatch. So without wasting time, lets see whats special in this brand new smartwatch.

Kingwear KW99 Smartwatch Review

Here we have review the key specs of this budget smartwatch.

Design and Display:

Front Side of KW99 Smartwatch
Front Side of KW99 Smartwatch

KW99 is made with a refined steel body. Compared to KW98, it is made more rugged, has a wider bezel and slightly slim. KW99 comes with a 1.39-inch HD AMOLED screen display, with a resolution of 400 x 400 and 286 PPI (pixel per inch). It is bright with a vivid clear display. As a result, it has a bright screen and large viewing angle. It comes with a leather strap, which makes it more comfortable and gives a stylish look.

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Back Side of KW99 Smartwatch
Back Side of KW99 Smartwatch

Below the smart watch, there is a heart rate sensor, a sim tray which can support 3G sim and power connector. At the right side, there are two buttons; one acts as a power button and other as the home button.

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Under the Hood:

Hardwares: This beautiful and elegant smart watch is powered by MTK680 with 4 core processor each clocked at 1.33 GHz. It has a RAM of 512 MB and a ROM of 8 GB. It does not support any external hard drive. This smartphone also has a sim tray, which makes it stand alone smart watch. You can also use it with other smart phones. Other hardware features include WIFI, Bluetooth 4.0, and tone of sensors like Heart rate monitoring,

Powerful Software in Kingwear KW99 Smartwatch
Powerful Software in Kingwear KW99 Smartwatch

Softwares: KW99 comes with the latest Android version of 5.1 Lollipop. It comes with additional features like Pedometer, track calories intake, Alarm, social media notification and also make calls. It has play store where you can download any app you like. It has a feature where it can work without linking it to a smartphone, with its own built in sensors and hardware.

Fitness Tracker and Heart rate monitor:

Fitness Tracker and Heart rate monitor
Fitness Tracker and Heart rate monitor

Kingswear KW99 3g smartwatch has the most accurate fitness tracker , which can monitor and record your day to day data in your smartwatch. It can also warn you for a large variation in heart rate.

Battery Life:

Batterry life is a crucial component of any smartwatch. If your smartwatch doesnt have good battery back-up, it will ruin all your day. KW99 comes with a high battery of 400 mAh nonremovable battery which can last you throughout the day. It has a standby of two days, which is quite enough.

Kingwear KW88 Vs Kingwear KW99

Many user are thinking why we should prefer KW99 over its predecessor KW88, So to answer this query we have made a quick comparison and prepared the list of the major differences between the KW88 and KK99 Smartwatch.

Key Specs KW88 KW99
Screen Size 1.39 inch 1.39 inch
OS Android 5.1 Android 5.1
RAM 512MB 512MB
Camera Yes No
Band Type Rubber Leather
Price Latest Price Latest Price

You can easily see, one of the main reason to buy KW99 is its 8GB ROM! With no external memory card support, you should go with High ROM watch.

However you need to see, that there is no camera in KW99 Smartwatch. So if camera is important for you in a smartwatch then you can go with KW88 Smartwatch.

Other Noticeable features:

  • Connectivity and Communication:

The smartwatch comes a network connectivity of 3G and supports GSM, WCDMA, 2G, and GPS. It also has WIFI and Bluetooth version 4.0. It has a speaker, Alarm and also Anti-lost alert system. It is just like a mini-phone on your wrist.

  • Various language support

It supports multiple languages English, French, Portuguese, Bengali, Hindi, German, Chinese to name a few. This gives you the freedom to choose your mother tongue or a language that you are comfortable with.

  • Additional Features:

KW99 comes with numerous feature. As you have the freedom to download apps from the play store you can use any apps on your smart watch. By default, it came with call service with both 2G and 3G support depending on the connection and provided you have the nano sim inserted.

It has a built in speaker by which you can play music or see videos. It supports all media file types like MP3 and video file like MP4, RM, RMVB.

Just like a mini phone, you have a calendar, alarm, voice recorder, browser, and Notification.

What you got in the Package:

The KW99 comes with

  • The watch itself with the 400mAh battery built in.
  • One screen protector
  • One USB cable to charge
  • One English manual.

Pros and Cons of Kingswear KW99 3G Smartwatch:

  • Pros:
    • Brilliant AMOLED display which gives bright display and wide angle display even under direct sunlight
    • 3 GHz quad core processor delivers a fast performance without any lag
    • Powerful battery of 400 mAh which can last a day, with a standby of 2 days
    • Supports both Android and iOS
    • Stand-alone without the need to link with any smart phone.
  • Cons:
    • No Camera
    • No external card support
    • Not water or dust resistant

Price and Availability:

The smartwatch is available on many e-commerce store. The best deal we found it on gearbest, where you can buy this kw99 smartwatch at as low as $85!

Bottom line:

Whether you are sports geek or just a casual user, all your need is covered by this smart watch. KW99 is better and upgraded version of KW98. They have removed all the drawbacks and added a new feature to it.

KW99 can also work without being linked to any smart phone. It has its own 3G Nano sim to work with. You can track your daily training with its integrated GPS and gyro sensors or call any person with its inbuilt speaker and microphone.

So in final we can say, this budget smartwatch could get as much success as its predecessor one.

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  1. Shenzhen Kingwear Intelligent Technology Co. is producing a FIVE dollars watch. After using the watch for three months I am extremely dissatisfied. Brilliant AMOLED display is full of scratches, battery of 400 mAh can last only about 22 hours, with WIFI and Bluetooth and tha data connection disabled. When all connections are enabled the watch becomes very hot and the battery last only about two hour. What is the point of smart watch when you can use it for TWO hours. The wear and tear is questionable also, since it needed the replacement leather strap within three months.


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