KW68 Review

With the introduction of smartwatches to the world population it was a very clingy experiment yet it paid off with new features and more accessibility to an individual’s health. Smart watches have become core and integral part of today’s generation, and tech giants are already into the business making some of the coolest tech flooding off a feast of options.

Among all these a watchmaker stood fast and raised as one of the acclaimed innovators in the Asian market Kingwear Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd. Blazing into the market as an indivisible competitor with its KW99 has produced another sequel to the marvel called Kingwear KW68.

Amazing Design and display

 Kindwear KW68 Smartwatch

The Kindwear KW68 is manufactured with unified steel body and possess a bright 1.39 inch HD AMOLED display.As the device comes with a steel body, it’s not the heaviest yet one of the rugged watches on the market.

The rear of the watch has a heart rate monitor and a SIM tray which supports a 3G connection along with a power connector to juice the battery.The display consists of 286PPI(pixel per inch) picture density and 400×400-pixel resolutions.This makes it one of the brightest displays in its range with vivid screen quality.

The viewing angles are excellent, and brightness in daylight is one the best making it best view of the display of the watch.Combined with a leather strap to rugged unified steel body it is a popular eye design that’ll surely make heads rollfor the hunk it is.

Power Packed Hardware

The Kindwear KW68 scomes with a MTK680 sources the devilish curvy smartwatch with powering the hormones on four core processors at 1.3Ghz.It is also paired with 512MB of RAM and 8GB of ROM. Which is more than enough to run a mobile device all of this hooded and to add it with Sim tray, Bluetooth 4.0 and WIFI.This makes it unique in its segment and not to mention the onboard heart rate monitor it possesses, and yet it’s a subtle device on a wrist.

Cracking the Codes-Software

Onboard with Android 5.1 lollipop featuring a library of apps to download from playstore and some intuitive features which grabs the eye called pedometer to track steps and calorie counter to track calories burned and raised. With Android OS onboard the little watch on the wrist can function on its own without connecting to any external devices with all its sensors and hardware strength it has.

Above the Bar Fitness Tracker

Bodied up with heart rate monitor and relatively essential options to get from the play store.The watch also supports a 3G connection making it an active personalized coach.It also comes with one of the most accurate sensors onboard tracking your heart rate and steps. Making it one of the best smartwatches providing accessibility to an individual’s health to rap it up the playback controls. Which makes all those sweaty workouts.

Grinding the lithium-Battery

With all of the accustoms,the Kindwear KW68possessespower that can easily fry out the battery of an electronic device. But not in this case, as the Kingwear K99 is embedded with 400mAh non-removable battery this makes sure you last the whole day assisting an individual’s tasks in every part of the step throughout the day and put it with the connector in the night it makes sure to be available the next morning.

Decent Camera

Another surprising feature of The KW68 is that it actually comes with an inbuilt camera placed very smartly just beside the dial of this smartwatch. It’s already pretty rare to see a smartwatch with a camera but here KW68 is looking to all the features a smartphone can portray.

Honorable mentions

  • The smartwatch can sport a 3G mobile connection and can pair with 2G, 3G, GSM,WCDMA connectivity through a nano-sim cardhas a GPS as well and amidst all has a front-facing
  • The most significant feature in this smartwatch is that it is completely waterproof which makes it immune to water damages. Which means you can take it on any harsh road trips or any other adventure. It is one of the best waterproof smartwatches available right now.

best waterproof smartwatch

  • Well, the watch is as brilliant as any human being bilingual supports many local and international languages to name a few among the various Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, English, Spanish, Bengali, and Hindi.
  • The smartwatch has induced with a speaker to play the blues and videos which supports MP4, MP3,and RM, RMVB format files.
  • Did I mention provided with play store with a library of apps to download it has default apps as calendar, memo, alarm clock, voice recorder, browser to assist in all the ways It’s a stylish mini piece on the wrist as a mobile.

Bottom Line-

The KW68 is a waterproof devilishly looking curvy device to explore to its fullest with brightest displays in its segments,and it also comes with SIM trays making it a mini smartphone none the less. To the accurate fitness tracker mounted on the rear, the smartwatch can be termed as an all-rounder samrtwatch!


  1. There are so many variations of this watch some support 5.1 android some 7.1 some have 12gb some 13gb and some 8gb, some with camera some without, some kingwear some kindwear I saw one model made by kingwear for another company. I bought a kw 68 but who knows what the hell it really is? Think I made a big mistake


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