Best Action Camera under $100 in 2018

We all know what a regular camera does, it shoots photos and videos but what is so special about action camera?? These cameras come to your rescue for things where a standard camera will easily break or fail. They are generally designed to record action without having to interact with camera.

What are Action Cameras?

Action cameras typically come packed with a lot of features in a compact and rugged design.They usually shoot in 4K resolution and come with a wide-angle lens. They come with a range of accessories so you can attach them to bike handles, helmets or take them underwater and can attach to practically anything!! How cool is that…

Action cameras are integral part of many extreme sports like base jumping and wingsuit flying. You can use them for a wide range of things like while playing outdoor sports to improve your skills, on a bicycle to capture amazing landscapes while riding, as a dash cam of your car, for capturing amazing underwater shots while diving and so much more!!!

So, if you are planning to buy an action camera but don’t wanna spend a big fortune then your search will surely end here. Here we have picked the top 10 best action cameras under $100 with their respective buying links to make your work as easy as a single click!!

Top 10 Best Action Camera Under $100 [2018]

#1 DveeTech S2 Ultra HD 4K Action Camera

Super cheap camera with multitude of features!

This 4K action camera from DveeTech is perfect for shooting videos while cycling, skiing, surfing, diving, climbing etc. It comes with a 170 Degree wide-angle lens for capturing an excellent view and it records 4K videos and high-speed motion scenes very well.

It is 30m waterproof so you can shoot even underwater. It supports digital zoom, time lapse, HDR and even has a car mode. It is packed with bigger specifications at a very affordable price. You can get your S2 Action Camera from Gearbest at just $30.35!! What a great deal…

Buy DveeTech S2 Ultra HD 4K Action Camera

#2 NEXGADGET 4K WIFI Action Camera

NEXGADGET 4K WIFI Action Camera 16MP Resolution 30M Waterproof Sport Cam 170 Degree Wide-Angle Lens 2 Rechargeable Batteries Including 19 Accessories
Action Camera with set of 19 accessories!

This action camera is suitable for mounting on bicycles, helmet, wrist and even on a drone. This camera comes with a kit of 19 accessories so you can mount it on practically anything and can even use it underwater as it is 30m waterproof.

This camera records 4K videos at 30fps rate and captures wonderful HD images in 16MP resolution. For connectivity it supports WiFi and App so you can easily download and share your work. You get all these at a cheap price of $35.98 from Amazon by clicking the link below.

Buy NEXGADGET 4K WiFi Action Camera

#3 H9R 4K Ultra HD Action Sport Camera

Can be controlled easily with remote controller

This action camera comes with almost all the features and accessories which are expected from a good action camera. You can capture amazing wide angle views and record 4K videos with this camera.

It comes with built-in WiFi connectivity and can be controlled with a water-resistant remote controller. It has a battery capacity of 1050mAh and can be USB charged by PC. You can buy this action camera at $43.99 only in a flash sale offer of Gearbest.

Buy H9R 4K Ultra HD Action Sport Camera

#4 MINIGO 4K Action Camera

MINIGO 4K Action Camera
Ideal for water sports

This action camera is ideal for shooting while surfing, swimming, diving or any water sports. It is 100ft waterproof and captures amazing shots with its 170 degree wide-angle fish eye lens.

It is designed with HDMI port so you can connect it easily with other devices. You can operate it with wireless remote easily. Its 2 inch LCD camera displays and replays recorded videos. You can buy this product from Amazon at just $49.99 by clicking below.

Buy MINIGO 4K Action Camera

#5 MGCOOL Explorer Pro 4K Sports Camera

Perfect for low-light photography!

This action camera is perfect for low-light photography. Explorer Pro adopts IMX179 sensor which has great performance in low light conditions with low power consumption. It is also available at very friendly price.

Another great feature of this camera is 6G Sharkeye wide-angle lens which gives a great performance at distortion correction. You can buy this action camera from Gearbest at just $52.88.

Buy MGCOOL Explorer Pro 4K Sports Camera

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#6 OTHA 4K Action Camera

OTHA Action Camera
Amazing night vision shooting!

It is a light-weight and compact gadget which makes it very convenient to carry on your trips. With intelligent image stablization you get a clearer picture. You can also shoot slow motion videos with it.

It performs very well in low-light with its night-vision mode and also supports 4X Zoom for a clearer view. You can buy this amazing gadget at just $60.99 by clicking the link below.

Buy OTHA 4K Action Camera

#7 SOOCOO S20WS Mini Camera

Mini & light-weight, perfect for cycling

This super-light weight mini camera is the best camera for cycling. It is 10m waterproof without case so you can mount it easily on helmet during marine sports. It records at superb 1080p HD resolution.

It can be connected to smartphone through WiFi, so you can easily operate it by your phone. This camera is available at a cheap price of $76.26 on Gearbest. Just click below and grab it as easy as that!

Buy SOOCOO S20WS Mini Camera

#8 RD1000 FHD Hunting Trail Camera

Ideal for hunting purposes!

This camera is best choice for people who love hunting or need a security partner. It is IP54 waterproof and dustproof so it can work in harsh environments. It has 42 pcs IR LED lights, which increases night vision up to 20m distance.

This camera senses motion and captores still images and videos anytime. It has passive infrared, IR flash, still photo capture and continuous shooting function. You can buy this wonderful camera at just $76.67 on Gearbest by clicking the link below.

Buy RD1000 FHD Hunting Trail Camera

#9 CG010 AI Action Camera

Your perfect selfie partner..

This action camera comes with 360 degrees rotatable base and adjustable body so you can shoot at various angles easily. It also has magnetic absorption and PU sticker so you can stick it anywhere you like for perfect shooting angles.

With this you can take amazing selfies as it supports smart beauty shot to increase your facial details. Also you can take pictures without anyone’s help with its intelligent gesture recognition by just moving your hands. This intelligent camera is priced $80.41 and you can buy it from Gearbest by clicking below.

Buy CG010 AI Action Camera

#10 Insta360 Air 3K Mini Panoramic Camera

Super-mini panoramic camera for your Smartphone!!

This ultra-light and super mini size camera is a cool add-on for your Android smartphone. It instantly turns your phone into a 360-degree VR camera. You can preview 360-degree stills and videos while capturing on your smartphone and then share to social media.

It is equipped with dual fish-eye lens with 210 degree wide angle. It supports 3K photos and videos and also comes with image stabilization function. You can get this at a discounted price of $95.99 in a flash sale offer of Gearbest.

Buy Insta360 Air 3K Mini Panoramic Camera

Wrapping Up:

So guys, these were the best action camera under $100 currently available in the market. I have tried to cover up cameras which will fulfill your different photography needs and all under budget. I have also searched through and included the buying links where you can get this products at best prices. Just choose your pick and grab your action camera before its gone!!


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