In the twentieth century if one thing is inevitable, it is innovation and MEMOBIRD G2 has done the same thing by launching it most handy and ready to use wireless portable printer; which prints both texts and pictures with stunning quality.

Memoroid G2 Pocket Wireless WiFi Printer
Memoroid G2 Pocket Wireless WiFi Printer

Whenever you feel the need to print something Memobird will be at your service. Weighting just 0.3060 kg it is extremely light weight and compact, making it easy to carry and it absolutely change the methodology of providing quick memo or notes at your workplace. It has simple notification lights which helps you to read certain status of overheating, out of paper, local mode, normal working state etc. Configuring it with your WiFi is easier with just a single press key, all you need to do is press. With innovation, it has also brought efficiency to you with the printing diagnostic report and keeping a check on the overall printing performance. You can use it both at home and at your work place making your life easier at go.

Super Cool Look!

Even the aesthetics and appearance of the device is easy going and the company has boxed a complete user-friendly experience. Talking of the design it is round edged with smooth cure which adds to the beauty with its trade mark logo on the front. Below the logo there is the paper out slot and, with small conventional metal teeth for tearing off the paper you have printed with ease.

Easy to use

Easy Operation of Memobird G2 WIFI Printer

The Memobird app makes it interesting as you can simply register over it and share the print details over your own local network, printing was never such a fun before. Share everything with your friends and colleagues and build up your own network. Cloud configuration is also available in it and helps you to store all the important documents over your head. This is even economical and just cost you around forty-five bucks; what more can you ask for.

Why Buy?

I highly recommend for the purchase of this product and especially for those who work at corporates and have to go thorough and even write many memos. It is time to change and be the part of that change, make your lives easier and interesting with just a slight touch of innovation.



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