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Hello, gadget junkies, we have a brand new gadget for you all to enjoy. A brand named Cube is introducing their new Cube Power M3 4G Phablet. The device seems to bring out some freshness in the new emerging Phablet market. This product is quite moderate with some essential and fresh features. It has 10.1-inch FHD screen, MTK6753 Octa Core processor with Android 7.0 OS. There are few cool new features like dual WiFi and SIM support. This Cube Power M3 device is quite pocket-friendly also as its available under $200. Looking at its overview this one seems promising, that’s why let’s unfold few more features of it in the in-depth review of the Cube Power M3 4G phablet review.

Unboxing the Cube Power M3:

Unboxing Cube Power M3 Phablet
Whats in the Box?

Well, folks if you are going to order this new Alldocube/Cube Power M3 Phablet embed with 4G technology. Then make your packet contains everything in right order. As company present two main items in Cube Power M3 box. Firstly, you will obliviously get a brand new piece of Cube Power M3 4G Phablet. Second, you will get a charging aka USB port that attached with the device. So, don’t forget to properly check your Phablet and cable before making the final purchase.

Curvey Design:

Attracttive 10.1 Curvy Display in Cube M3
Attracttive 10.1-inch Curvy Display in Cube M3

Typically, we don’t pay much attention towards the appearance of our gadgets as we pay more attention towards their performance. But, as gadget market is swamped with new technology every day, that’s why now we have a chance to demand better-looking gadgets.

Ultra Thin Tablet
Ultra Thin Tablet

Well, talking about the appearance of this Cube Power M3 Phablet we can say it is decent. It has the simple, clear body of plastic and manageable size to carry. There are one charging port and earplug port on one side. Otherwise, the design is pretty simple. So, in the design department, Cube Power M3 is just simple and elegant.

Curative Screen Resolution:

With Cube Power M3 Phablet we will get a large 10.1-inch screen. This screen size is beneficial to work on or play movies on.  The screen type is IPS, so your screen is secured from any external damage. Talking about the screen resolution, we get 1920*1200 resolution. That’s is quite satisfying as compared to some other similar products available in the market. Overall screen size and display of Cube Power M3 is kinda cool.

High-performing Operating Software:

M3 runs on latest Android OS
M3 runs on latest Android OS

Another essential element of any device would be its operating software. The operating software is like a genetic code of gadget according to which character of the device is determined. So, this Cube Power M3 Phablet has Android genetic code. Which means all the Android features can be found in this Phablet. Specifically, it runs on the Android 7.0 OS, which can be easily upgraded to the later on versions. So, yeah, it is a basic Android Phablet.

Promising Hardware specifications:

Well, now let’s scrutinize Alldocube or Cube Power M3 Phablet on the grounds of its hardware. In hardware sector, we got MTK6753 Octa Core CPU. The CPU seems quite sufficient to operate hefty software’s and games. The storage space is also quite generous with the RAM of 4GB and 64GB ROM plus TF card up to 64GB. The device has robust hardware features, and it will be very cool to work on this hardware system.

Calculative Battery life:

The battery of these smart devices has always been a big concern for the users. Cube Power M3 Phablet has 8000mAh Battery. This seems very nice, and battery life of this device is going to be more than enough for average users. Well, we can’t say battery life is going to be exceptional.

Other Concentrated Features of Cube Power M3 Phablet:

  • It has a Bluetooth service of V 4.0 and G sensor system installed in it.
  • This is Dual SIM support device that can be used for both business and personal purposes.
  • This device has WIFI of 802.11ac/a/b/g/n, 2.4GHz/5GHz.
  • Cube Power Supports following music files: 4K, H.265, MEPG1/2/4, H.263/H.264/H.265, RMVB, WMV/VC-1, MVC, AVS, MPEG
  • The Video format supported by device is MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, FLAC, APE, AAC, AC-3, DTS
  • Picture format: BMP, GIF, JPEG, JPG, PNG
  • Few Extra Additional Features: Bluetooth, E-book, Gravity Sensing System, MP3, MP4, WAP, Wi-Fi, FLASH 11, HTML5.

Pro & Cons


  • It has plenty of features at $179.
  • The screen size is decent.
  • RAM and ROM storage space is quite decent.
  • Impressive battery life.


  • It doesn’t have excellent camera quality.
  • The design is too simple.


This was it its now time to conclude things, and for that, we can say, you have a deal of pretty decent looking Phablet under $200 which also offers decent specs what do you need more? Now, it’s on you to decide whether you want this deal or not.


  1. Dude, are you sure you didn’t put the video and audio supported format reversed??
    Anyway, you mentioned that this tablet supported h.265. Could you please tell me, have you tested yourself to play such file/video (h.265 codec)? I really want to buy this tab if it is support such video format.



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