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Tik Tok is one of the most trending applications all over the world. Youngsters are going crazy for it as this has some spectacular facilities which can easily attract Gen Y. Tik Tok was formerly known as It is basically an application which is an expert in making short videos with a desirable music track or dialogue and after that, a user can also share it with his friends. This is a streamlined version of YouTube.This application can be used with a straight forward interface and by this facility the user can directly upload snippets from their device.

Features of Tik Tok:

Often the videos we create in our normal camera are imperfect. They sometimes need a final touch of an expert to make it perfect. Tik Tok is a one-stop solution in this case because, this not only creates and uploads videos but also provides some advanced features like filters, effects, trimming and cropping, etc. The users can choose from a wide range of funky stickers to add it on his video so that his video can get catchier. There are several mind-blowing songs in Tik Tok and the users can choose it from this wide range. Often Tik Tok offers some famous movie scene or dialogue so that a user can do a mimic.

Sometimes Tik Tok provides the original video contents of some celebrity users or the Tik Tok stars who have millions of fan following so that the youngsters can make well use of it. There are also some Tik Tok Alternatives apps which also has the same potential to grow.

In TikTok App the registered users can upload any video of their choices but the video is restricted by the authority to only 15 seconds. Users are given a chance to showcase their talent in such a little time period. Tik Tok authority has not restricted any specific limit of posting videos in Tik Tok. A Tik Tok user can create and post videos as many as he/she wants. The videos which are being created by the user can be downloaded easily in the device. There is no charge applicable in case of downloading the TikTok videos. Just like any other trendy social networking site like Facebook or Instagram, Tik Tok videos can be uploaded to the web in a blink. It just takes a couple of seconds to share the video with the world.  The enlisted users can browse unlimited additional videos on the basis of some filters like the subject, genre, upload date, etc. Tik Tok is a very user-friendly application and a person does not require to have a polished knowledge of Technology to run it successfully.

How to Install Tik Tok in PC:

The Tik Tok is mostly used by the users in a mobile device as it is considered as the most hassle-free way. But a user can also use his favorite Tik Tok in his PC. This is not at all a complicated process. Let’s check out the procedures step by step so that the experience of Tik Tok in the PC will turn up as good as the user’s experience in a mobile device. Following 10 steps can be used to install Tiktok in PC..

Install Tiktok with 10 steps with Bluestacks

  1. For getting the excellent experience in PC, a user is required to have Bluestacks in his PC. If there is not Bluestacks in the PC, then a user have to download it from the browser.
  2. For getting this, a user should go to the official website of Bluestacks in his preferable browser. Tiktok install with bluestacsWilling users may check out this link to get the official site of Bluestacks –
  3. After that, the user should click the big green button named ‘ Download Bluestacks’ which will appear in the center point of the screen. By clicking the button, the website will redirect the user to another downloading page from where the actual downloading process will begin.
  4. The user should click on a big green button named’ Download’ which is located at the top of that window. When the users will click it, this will automatically install the Bluestacks Installer.
  5. After installing it, the tab of the Bluestacks installer should be clicked. Then the user can find it by default in downloaded files in a form of ‘.exe file’.
  6. Then the blue button named ‘Install now’ should be clicked.
  7. Then the user has to press the ‘complete’ button which is at the bottom of the screen.
  8. After downloading it, the Bluestacks should be opened and the user has to click on the second tab from the top named ‘App centre’.
    Install Tik Tok in PC
  9. Then the user has to sign in to his existing Google account.
  10. Then the user should search for the Tik Tok app in the search option and he has to click on it.
  11. Then a green button will turn up beside the app and the user then just has to click on the ‘install’ button and then he should hit on the ‘accept’ button to accomplish the procedure. Thus the Tik Tok app can be enjoyed by the PC user with just a click of ’Open’ button right there.



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