TikTok Alternatives

Musically was a popular app that was used worldwide for making short videos. But this was taken over by Tiktok in August 2018. This new app is a video sharing a social network. Be it dance, freestyle, it’s users can run wild with their imagination. the app and been used by many celebrities which is one of the main reasons which drove it to popularity. Although it is a global app, it has focused a lot on localized content. The app sends personalized recommendations for each of its users. The app has a very simple method of using it. Record videos and post them instantly.

TikTok Alternatives

TikTok app is definitely addictive. People will have no problem in watching the content the app provides, which is both fun and entertaining.

While it is a hot app, it has its competitors, some of the Best Tik Tok alternatives are given below…

7 Best TikTok Alternatives App 

  1. Dubsmash

Dubsmash App

Dubsmash is a free app, This app could be used in iPhone and Android. It is one of the oldest apps of its kind.   it kind of lost its popularity with the rise of musically. You become a part of a community that encourages lip synching entertainment when you download this app. The app has more than 100 million downloads. This alone speaks about its popularity.

Dubsmash app is also used by many celebrities all over the world. It is giving tough competition to the tiktok app.

This app has a lot of features to include different sounds and edits to your video, movie or TV quotes. Besides posting your videos on the app profile, you can share it on other social media apps as well.

Key Features:-

  • Large community
  • Available in native language
  • Allows lip synch over audio clips
  1. Funimate

Funimate App

Funimate is a free app That can be used in Android and iOS devices. One of the greatest advantages that this app offers over Tiktok is that ant kind of music video can be created. You can apply and use many features that include slow-motion videos, a compilation of videos, create video loops and a lot more can be done. Funimate allows you to add stickers and text to the video. You can also collaborate with friends merge your videos.

Key Features:-

  • Combination of social network and video music editor.
  • Must be 13 years +
  1. Cheez

Cheez Aoo

It is a free app, that iOS and Android users can access. With this app, one can produce more than lip-synching videos. There is vlogging, comedy videos, fashion and much more. This app includes cutting and trimming tools that will easily help you to edit out any mistakes or unwanted parts. Cheez can be considered as the best Tiktok alternative. Cheez app provides stickers and other visual effects that allows you to be more creative with your video making skills. This app helps you to make your own creative content.

Key Features:-

  • Active in 53 countries
  • Partnership with contentos
  1. Triller


Triller is another free app for iOS and Android users. This app is used by a lot of celebrities because the task of putting out videos on their social media pages are made much easier by this app. All you have to do is record the video, the rest will be taken care of by the auto-editing algorithm. This app helps you to be creative with its effects and features like cutting, trimming, writing over the videos, adding stickers. A great place to unleash your creativity. Triller app also provides collaborating features making it easy to make collaborating videos. the app allows you to post videos created on different social media pages.

Key Features:-

  • Money making features for video creators
  • Available in 140 countries
  • Simple user experience
  1. Like

Like APP

Yet Another free app for iOS and Android users. The app provides dialogue material. The app provides a wide variety of filter collection that makes it popular. Other features offered by the app include slowing or speeding your video, combine a lot of videos into one, cut and trim the videos and much more features. Like app helps you to socialise with other music creators and share your videos on different social media pages.

Key Features:-

  • Available in 10 different languages
  • Product of bigo live
  • Had EDM and 4d magic filters
  1. Vigo video

Vigo video

Vigo is a free app for both iOS and Android users. This is also a popular video sharing app, which allows you to upload short videos and you can share it with your family and friends. This app is also known by the name hyperstar. Vigo video helps you to share daily moments on your social media pages as well.

Key Features:-

  • Has motion gesture feature
  • 16 years+
  • Flame are monetary gifts
  1. Flipagram

Flipagram App

Flipagram is another video editing app that is available for iOS and Android users. it provides you with the opportunity of making selfie videos. Flipagram app contains within itself a large collection of songs that allow you to make videos. The app provides amazing video editing tools which help you create videos and photo mashups.

Key Features:-

  • Allows DM messaging
  • Can share data to hand selected audience through SMS, email.
While Tiktok is a popular app no one can guarantee its future. Vine was once a hot app. But it has ceased to exist. Most of the above apps pose a good competition for Tiktok.


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