Zeblaze Neo Smartwatch Review

Smartwatches are yet another product that has been made wholly for the young generation users, after smartphones. They are definitely the products that the Gen Y swears by. Because of its usability and affordability. ZeblazeCompany from Shenzhen, China is one of the leaders of the smartwatch industry. They have shown their expertise in the development and production of smartwatches in a short period of time. Some of there brilliant smartwatches are Zeblaze Thor Pro, Thor 4 & Thor 5

Recently, they launched their latest smartwatch series called the NEO. In this article, we will showcase a detailed review and also the pros and cons of the product that makes it easier for you to make the purchasing decision.

Zeblaze NEO Key Features

Before starting the detailed review, let’s have a quick look at the key features of Zeblaze Neo Smartwatch.

Zeblaze Neo
Display Type AMOLED
Screen Size 1.3inch
Hardware MTK6739 1.25GHz
Camera NA
Network support 2G/3G/4G
Compatible OS Android/ iOS
Waterproof IP67 Waterproof
Features Built-in Multisport mode
Battery 180 mAh (7 Days battery life)

Zeblaze NEO Smartwatch Review

Zeblaze NEO: Appearance

Zeblaze NEO Appearance

With the first glance, the smartwatch looks quite fashionable and perfect for young users. The body of it is made of zinc alloy which complements the carbon fiber design of the watch.  The removable straps on each side of the smart watch is made of hybrid leather that ensures comfort to the user. A button is attached to the side of the watch that can be used for time adjustments and some other parameters too.

Zeblaze NEO: Size and Weight

The weight of the smart watch is only 56 grams and it is quite practical. The size of the NEO series smart watch is around 46.5 mm in length and width. The thickness of it is 12mm. The wrist size which is suitable for wearing it is 135-230mm.

NEO is available in black and brown colour that goes well with any kind of outfit.

Zeblaze NEO: Processor, OSand Connectivity

The smart watch is compatible with both Android 4.4 version and iOS 8.0 and above versions. It is also compatible to Bluetooth version of 4.0 and above which can allow its users to connect with any smartphone. It has an H Band app connection.

It adds some more functions to the watch and helps to provide visual data that are necessary to get other than the ones in-built. The OTA upgrade is supported by the smart watch as well.

Zeblaze NEO: Display

Zeblaze NEO Display Review

The company is renowned for making round-shaped smart watches which looks sleek and stylish at the same time. In fact, it has the display that can be compared to any designer watch. The NEO smart watch has a 1.3 inch IPS LCD display with touchscreen used for multiple functions.

The screen resolution is 240X240 pixels. You can experience full-color display and sharp graphics. The picture quality will simply make you delighted. The brightness is quite good for day time use.

Zeblaze NEO: Battery

With the 180 mAh Lithium Polymer battery that the Zeblaze NEO series of smart watch has, the users can use it for around 7 days on standby mode. It can be used for 5 days with normal usage.

In addition, the NEO smart watch takes approximately 2 hours to get full charge. It uses the Magnetic Charging method to get fully charged.

Zeblaze NEO: In-built Features

Neo Health Smartwatch

The NEO series of smart watch that the Zeblaze Company have come up consists of some massive features.

It is considered to be the best choice for health and fitness enthusiasts.

It has features like in-built heart rate sensor, exercise tracker, sleep tracking feature, steps count, monitor for checking blood pressure, information on how much calories burnt, stopwatch and countdown feature, information on female health, and many more. Furthermore, the NEO series smartwatch has notifications feature which includes SMS and call notification alert, rejection of incoming calls, proximity sensor, real-time distance and pace, do-not-disturb mode, sharing app facility, remote camera, phone tracking facility, and alarm.

Zeblaze NEO: Additional Features

There are some additional features that are supported by the NEO series smartwatch by Zeblaze. It has an accelerometer and pedometer feature which can be used by the users. Apart from this, it has auto light-up screen feature, multi-sport modes, reminder mode for calls and messages. It also has a feature named Watch Faces used to switch different living scenes.

Zeblaze NEO: Language Support

Different languages which the Zeblaze NEO smartwatch support are English, Chinese, French, Vietnamese, Italian, Korean, Dutch, Arabic, and Spanish.

Zeblaze NEO: Waterproof Feature

The Zeblaze NEO series is an IP67 waterproof smart watch which allows the users to wear it during swimming sessions at 164 ft deepness as well.

Zeblaze NEO: Pros and Cons


  • The design is stylish and attractive
  • Very much suitable for swimmers
  • Fitness and health tracking features


  • It does not support GPS
  • It does not have speaker or microphone
  • It does support the Wi-Fi connectivity


The newly launched Zeblaze NEO seriessmart watch is worth purchasing because the features that it has are attractive features and ultra-advanced. It is also a productive tool for you if you are a fitness and health enthusiast.

The battery is great for such a smart watch. If you are looking for a smart watch within a budget, then you must give the Zeblaze NEO series a try. It will be worth paying the price.


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