Huawei has previously launched some premium Android smartwatches like Huawei Watch and Huawei Watch 2 but this time it has come with a refreshing device called the Huawei Watch GT. Huawei has tried to solve the two most common complaints about smartwatches which are small battery backup and lots of useless features. The biggest change is in its OS, instead of using Wear OS, Watch GT runs on Huawei’s own Lite OS which gives it a fresh look.

It has got looks of a traditional watch with features of a fitness wearable. The biggest advantage of Lite OS is that it has boosted battery life of the smartwatch.  Along with fitness tracking Watch GT also lets you receive notifications from your Android and iOs device and that’s it about the mobile interaction. So if you don’t like those complex Android and iOs smartwatches than Watch GT will surely impress you. Let’s discuss about the design and features of Huawei Watch GT in detail.

Design & Display

Huawei Watch GT has a thin and light design and is available in two variants, a sporty one with black dial and black silicone straps and a classy one with silver dial and tan leather straps with silicone underneath. It is water-resistant up to 5ATM so you can take it to a swim. The round dial has metal and ceramic built with a bezel having numbers on it for a traditional look. At right side of the bezel two buttons are mounted, top one to wake the watch and take you to the main menu and bottom one to set your own shortcuts. It looks premium as well as feels very comfortable on wrists. A heart-rate sensor is present at rear side of the dial along with two pogo pins for charging and the straps are interchangeable which gives you freedom to customize it accordingly.

Now moving to the display here we have a 1.39-inch AMOLED display with an impressive resolution of 454 x 454 pixels. It looks very bright and clear even in outdoor lights. The display is very responsive and smooth and is surely one of the best screens on a smartwatch.

Lite OS

This time Huawei has ditched the Google’s Wear OS unlike its previous smartwatches, Huawei Watch and Huawei Watch 2. Instead it has came up with its own operating system the Lite OS like Samsung does in its wearables. However, Huawei says that it has not completely ditched Wear OS but is simply providing an alternative. Coming back to Lite OS it simply focuses on essentials rather than plenty of apps and features which get irritating many times.

It has four menu screens which provide you information about weather, heart rate, your activity and other features like alarm, flashlight, stopwatch etc. Here you have only 12 watch faces to pick from according to your taste rather than thousand options which makes things confusing. Swiping up gives you look at your unread notifications and swiping down takes you to a quick menu where you can turn on do not disturb mode, screen lock, find your phone or the always-on screen. Overall Lite OS offers you a lag-free pleasant experience if you understand its limitations.

Fitness Features

Watch GT focuses mainly on fitness tracking and all the fitness features can be explored through the Huawei Heath APP. It has an impressive battery life too which we will discuss later for now lets take a look on fitness features:

Activity Tracking

Here you get a number of activity tracking modes both outdoors and indoors but they all focus mainly on either, running, cycling and swimming. It counts your steps, distance and calories burnt which you can look over on the APP. It also tracks your sleep very well.

Sports Tracking

Watch GT supports multiple sports mode along with running, cycling and swimming like hiking and cross country. It also has a Running Course mode for a dedicated run-focused training sessions so you can make most out of your running time. The in-built GPS does its work pretty well here providing the accurate data about your activities.

Heart-rate Monitoring

The heart-rate tracking on Watch GT works all the time in the background and is pretty accurate like other in-line smartwatches.

Battery Life & Price

The Lite OS on the Watch GT has boosted up its battery life, Huawei promises it to last for a month in a single charge with GPS and always-on turned off and up to two weeks with normal use and GPS tracking turned on. And the best thing is it delivers what it promises. The 420mAh battery of Watch GT is surely very impressive.

Watch GT comes with a price tag of $200 which seems cheaper than most of the high-end smartwatches but it has fewer functions too. It can be a positive or negative aspect depending on what you want your smartwatch to do?

Final Verdict:

Huawei Watch GT gives you a different and fresh user experience than most of those feature packed Android smartwatches. It has impressive battery life and works as a great fitness tracker along with allowing you to look at basic notifications. So why should you choose it over a regular fitness band? The answer lies in its traditional design which looks classy on your wrists unlike the regular boring fitness bands. It is a good choice for you if you don’t like jiggling  between many apps and looking for something clean, simple and basic.


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