Facebook Privacy has been a really argued topic in the last year, in fact we remember the bad situation in which Facebok was in, some time ago.

Zuckerberg was called to the European Parliament to answer questions regarding his society, in particular about how Facebook treats user data and how his applications use them to improve the usability.

If we have to be honest, most of the MPs didn’t even know what the Internet is, or what they were talking about, but it was a great conference. Both for improve our consciousness on the Privacy stuff and for some Zuck’s meme too.



Anyways, today I’ll show you how limitate or perhaps, almost totally block Facebook, to share your private data with third party apps or even plugins.

I’m sharing this to you, beacuse as you know, Facebook, along with all the other web platforms, collect user data or preferences to improve their ads system and much more.

In this way they’ll show you more accurate images, or links that you’ll be more inclined to visit.

If you are contrary to this, there is an option to disable the data collecting process and all the permissions you give to apps.

For instance, when you login to a website, forum, instead of compiling the form you just use your Facebook account. In this process you are giving to that new website, part of the info that facebook held.

Now suppose if Facebook couldn’t control this flow of information.

Let’s see how to block data sharing.

  1. Go on facebook.com
  2. Open Settings facebook-privacy
  3. Click on Apps and Website section, on the left menu 
  4. Click on the edit button, of the “Apps,Website and Games” section
  5. Read carefully what you see, and if you are okay with the terms.. 
  6. Click on turn off!

Manage your information used by your friends Apps

As you know, or may know, when you are friend of someone on FB and that person use an App or plugin, he is giving, along with its data, also all his friends information. If the app specifies it, of course.

If you are also bothered on how facebook manage your data by your friends Applications ( and yes, you can do this.. ) just tweak the permissions in the Active apps section, located above the preferences we’ve just seen.


Facebook privacy is a thing we have to take under control. You have to convey yourselves that every social platform, but also normal websites, share your data with third party services.

It is intrinsic in the definition of the Web itself ( network of networks ), but of course, we have to pay attention on which data they share.


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