best free mp3 converter websites

Some times ago was easy to find the best free MP3 converter websites and start downloading your best songs and playlists with just few clicks.

Nowadays most of them are clickbait sites, ads are popping out every time you click on a link and sometimes they are so invasive that you are forced to close your browser from the Task Manager.

If their purpose was to download songs, well.. remember that if something glitters not necessarily is gold.

Today I’ll share with you the best free MP3 converter websites, downloaders and a free Android app.

That’s not it!

Some websites of them even provide direct download and streaming, without any single advertisement.

Let’s begin!


It is probably one of most complete and fast MP3 converters available on the web, it allows you to choose the audio format and bitrate. All you need to do is just to paste the YouTube link and click on Convert button.
It even has a mobile application simply downloadable from the stores.
You can find it here.


The second converter tool is Online video converter v3.0. Available in many languages, it easily allows you to download your favourite songs from many video hosting websites such as, YouTube, Vimeo,, Instagram and so on.
It is really functional for its purpose.
You can find it here.

This is probably the best one. It is not a converter, it is a downloader.
You have just to make a simple query and it offers you a huge result list with good bitrate and quality MP3s.
It supports English and Spanish languages, without any form of ads.
If you are looking for a quick way to download your songs, then this is the website for you.
You can find it here.


The last converter of the chart is CONVERT2MP3. This online tool allows you to both convert online videos and directly search for songs all around the web.
It has a really detailed HOW TO guide and supports English and German languages.
You can find it here.

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That’s our best free MP3 converter websites TOP 5 chart, tell us if you find better places to easily download songs!


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