Trying to answer the questions When did technology start? or When did tech join our lives? is often an argue challenge, since there would be endless threads to deal with.

Each one of us has its own idea of technology and the huge whole of things associated with it.

Today, I’m trying to give you my personal point of view about the questions I asked you some lines before.


Technology in the modern era is associated with smartphones, personal computers, TVs and all the so called technological devices which we live every day of our life.

If we think to the past, it seems to us kinda strange and so out-to-date comparing our anchestrors life style, to ours.

We have to make some clear before analyzing the main question.


Accoring to the history, there are books over books about how men used technology to improve their lives using their capabilities, brain in order to produce useful tools. The history, till the 20th century, teaches us that technology is just that.

Is this enough to descrive the modern life? In my own opinion.. no way.

Accoring to the modern life, technology is associated with an infinite set of devices, tools, infrastructures, sometimes neither tangible, which should improve communications, productivity and make even the easiest stuff, much easier to achieve.

According to the conservatives, modern technology is just the way men will loose any form of interaction and the feeling to be a human being. Their is a catastrophic view of the world and progress, refusing any form of interaction with this brand new world.

Maybe, they are just afraid of the huge change in the everyday life.

This is a really debated thread and we’ll go in deep, analyzing a really big question…


If we go back in the past, still from the Egyptians, men always tried to improve their working conditions and make some hard stuff, easier to achieve.

Our first thought goes to the pyramids, one of the first giant buildings made from our anchestrors, using just wooden axes, stone, pulleys and tons of men (complottists will say just: aliens).

This is just one of the huge amount of giant buildings spread around the world.
We can think to nazca lines, a site located in the southern Perù where lots of majestic drawings are graven in the stone of a plateu.

How such old tribes, can realize such an amazing work?

Engineering dominated all the times, ages, till the 20th century.

Till that moment, historical version of technology is still completely acceptable and if we stick to that vision, technology has born with the first civilizations.

Wait, let’s do a step back.

Till now, we analyzed the history.
Nowadays technology is way to different compared to the old one.

Today, as told before, our technology is primarly seen as smartphones and computers.

Well, if we stick to this vision, its birth could be associated with Alan Turing, a mathematical genius. He tought (and damn, it was right), that existed a mechanical way to completely or partially do, any sort of mathematical algorithms.

At his time, in 1936, transistors neither existed, and in the early 1940s, first giant programmable machines, build with tons of bulbs, grew up.

With Turing basis, then was just a matter of time.

In my opinion, the date who signed the gateway to the modern technology is 1948, when a man called William Shokey, invented the first transistor.

Thanks to its invention, digital devices become shorter and shorter, till to be easily kept in a hand.


In the 50s first personal computer born, but of course, they were too expensive for the masses, only industries started to buy them and include them in their processes.

It was just a brand new sector, where a new vision of technology was getting shaped. Indeed some men, perhaps only one, was already thinking about how make all this, reach everyone houses.

SPOILER: I am not an Apple fanboy.

Steve Jobs.

It has been a visionary, the man who started the process.

He was amazed by his friend working for HP, Steve Wozniak.
He was building an home made device with a monitor and keyboard, full of threads and pins, its innovation was that everything he did on the keyboard, was updated on the screen in real time.

Jobs wanted that technology start to join the house of the masses, not only the factories.

In the 80s, personal computers began to scatter everywhere around the world.
Jobs was right, after lots of problems and difficulties, his dream became true.

Then other companies as Microsoft, kept improving the sector month by month and today, there are hundreds of them.

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We have seen how did technology start, the process behind the development, from its beginning to another, the modern one.

We can notice that the detail that make technology different from other sectors, is its never lasting power.
There are just cycles which come to their end, but each cycle of it is necessary for the next one.

Men need previous discoveries and inventions, to go beyond limits and do better than before.


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