Fortnite is the latest free-to-play game developed by Epic Games and People Can Fly, companies really experienced with video games development.


Fortnite has firstly presented in the old 2011 at the Spike Video Game Awards, where just a little trailer were presented and Fortnite itself, was just a simple idea.
In 2012 Epic Games team, announced that it will only be a personal computer title, excluding any other platforms.

Think that Epic Games has built its own rendering engine, the popular Unreal used in most video games. It is trying to get over Unity empire.

Development was going on and in 2014, first alpha pre-releases showed up and about 50,000 people tried it.
It was evident that it was everything but only an unripe product, but the best has yet to come in fact, some years later, in 2017 the company announced that the game will be released as a free-to-play product, supporting all major platforms: Windows, MacOS, Xbox and PlayStation 4.

On July 2017 the game was fully functional but of course, full of bugs, in fact it has been released in an early access mode, in order to understand what people were looking for.

According to Epic Games and how the game is growing up, Fortnite will be entirely free-to-play in late 2018.


  • Multiplayer co-op
  • Cross device multiplayer
  • Rich video settings
  • 4k video resolution supported on consoles
  • Great support team on the social medias
  • Engaging playmodes (be ready to loose hours and hours)


Save the world

Earth has been attacked by zombies and creepy creatures, but this time they come out from a dark and tedious storm, falling from the sky.
In this co-op mode, players has to defend theirselves from the monsters but not only, in order to make the gameplay more attractive, they can also build weapons, structures and strong buildings.
Missions take place in different world zones, unlockable as long as you keep going on in the story.
Actually this mode is not for free, but managed with micro-transactions.

Battle Royale

This is the most talked and rumored Fortnite play mode, apart from be completely free.
Entirely multiplayer, you can choose among Solo, Duo and Squad for a maximum of 4 players.
When you start playing, you are on an isle with other 99 people, waiting for the bus to start.
Then the match begins, you are on that flying bus and you have about 40 seconds to jump down and choose the best place to fight.

What’s so cool about this mode?
The mode itself.
Similarly to Save the World, there is a storm, in the minimap showed as a circle that is getting smaller as time passes by.
Each time the timer runs out, the storm gets smaller, placing itself in a random place.
So get ready to fight, build and.. run!
Every time the storm inglobes you, you get a damage growing up every time the storm starts moving.


I have to say that as devs keep improving Fortnite, its requirements grow up too.

I have personally tried this game on a Windows 10 PC with a 4th generation quad core i7 at 3.5 GHz with 16GB of RAM and nvidia gtx 850m. Here all runs smooth, even if it is a 3 years old computer.

If you missed: How to speed up Windows 10 with effective tweaks

On the other hand I tried it on a poorer device; A windows 10, powered from a quad core i3 clocked at 3GHz with 4GB RAM and a Radeon R5 graphic card. Here I had to set the 3D resolution down at 50% in order to get a decent gameplay (30-50 FPS).

The game itself is about 10 GB of size and according to the upgrades, it is getting even heavier later on.


This is maybe the greatest innovation that Epic Games added in its product.

Since the game has been released on various platforms, it was a pity if all the players could not play altogether. In fact Fortnite supports the cross device multiplayer. If you play on Windows, you can join and play with PS4, MacOS, Xbox users and viceverse.

Awesome, isn’t it?


One of the things that I really liked about this company is their transparency towards users.
During this months there were lots of server releated problems due to the growing mass of players, serious bug and so on. Each time Epic Games published on their website and Twitter page, accurated details of the status and when possible, the ETA of the coming back to normal state.

As long they discover new problems / bugs, the support team always release new updates. Sometime updates are so frequent that they will make you loose your patience! (I am joking of course, but people/heaters on twitter do not)

This is the official twitter account. Here you will be always up to date about it.


In order to download Fortnite, you have to download the Epic Game launcher.
It is just from this software that you have to create an account and start downloading Fortnite on your PC.
For the consoles, you can find it on the stores.


Fortnite is one of the best free-to-play survival videogames of 2018. Thanks to its team it’s growing up month by month, with brand new features and ways to engage the players.
I suggest everyone to try it out!

Have you already tried it? Let us know in the comment box below!


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