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Eye Nav is the perfect facility for a Netflix user

How many times happened?

You were on your sofa, watching a movie or a tv series, perhaps you are sick, strong headache, you lost minutes and minutes to get a perfect setup and then, you had to move, get up and tap to interact with the phone to change series or looking for a new movie.

Yeah, may seem lazy to many of you, but, how about interact with Netflix without moving a single finger and without tapping anywhere?

Eye Nav is the last cool thing presented during the Hack Day

Developers have exploited integrated facilities on the iPhone X, to develop this amazing super-lazy feature.
This has been possible thanks to the great Face ID and ARKit apis. Thanks to these tools developers have been able to get this great mod.

As you can see in the video, there is a yellow dot on the screen which is the correct position you are looking onto your display, just move your pupils and it will detect the position change.

Since it is just a still-in-development facility, the user has to show his tongue to select the element under the yellow dot. Maybe in the near future a more elegant way will be implemented.

There are any limitations, you can scroll the home page, navigate in the catalog. You can interact with the whole application, just like you have always done, but in a slight different way.

As I have already stated, this is just a test function, at the moment.

But nothing denies that it will be available in public releases too.

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Eye Nav is only available on iOS, may be on Android it will one day, when better development tools will be ready.

What do you think about this? Amazing isn’t it?


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