Time is something which we all want to keep in our hands, in earlier days movement of the sun was recorded as time then clocks were introduced and new inventions followed.


In today’s tech hunger world Q9 has introduced its flagship series of smart watch which not keeps time but fits in every part of day to day life, from its sporty look to monitoring health; it’s a complete package to be kept handy.



The Q9 Sport Smart watch comes in traditional smart watch rectangular shape; it is skin friendly and very suitable around the wrist ensuring its comfortable long use. It has a 1.3 inch TFT high-definition touch screen for use; it has dimensions of 41.5mm x 34.5mm x 9.6mm and weighs about 30 grams; which makes it light and easy for handling. The extended display allows the user to view high resolution images; its vibrant digits and icons makes it further user handy. This trendy sports watch is easy to use when compared to GPS sports watch due to its new touch design and upgraded interface.

The device comes with a variety of dials which can be changed according to the user. It comprises of classical vertical striped strap made of silicon which is natural, can be easily replaced and provides a stylish outlook. The smart watch comes with IP67 waterproof technology which prevents it from splashes of water. It comes in various shades of black, purple, red, coffee; a variety for the users to choose from.


The Q9 smart watch runs on Android 4.3 or IOS 7.0 above platforms. It is powered by NORDIC 52832 CPU-integrated set of chips having low power consumption The device functions as a mini Smartphone; it has the ability to run multi-purpose apps either with built-in facility or paired with smart phone. It is compatible with different social networking apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat.

This mini Smartphone smart watch supports incoming call, SMS, alarm clock reminder on the display; in addition it comes with various preinstalled languages making it available for the international market. This tech booster also supports wireless transfer up to 10 meters using Bluetooth version 4.0.



The Q9 smart watch not only serves the luxurious tech aspects of the modern user but also serves as a health monitoring device; it has a built-in heart rate sensor Ist 1303 which keeps real time monitor of the heart rate by keeping account of the amount of distance covered, numbers of calories burnt, monitoring the blood pressure thus overall keeping a check on the users health.

The device also provides sleep monitoring sensor which determines the sleeping quality of the user; it provides appropriate information regarding proper sleep and improving the sleeping quality.

It also comes with in built triaxial sensor LIS3DH intended for simultaneous measurement of vibration, for analysis of all vibration experienced by a structure.

A preinstalled sedentary reminder is also provided which gives a notification if the user is ideal for a longer period of time, thus providing a motivation.

Various other features like anti lost mode, GPS, stopwatch are also provided for the beneficiary of the user.

BATTERY LIFE           

The savvy smart tech is equipped with 180mAh Li-ion polymer battery which provides it a lasting battery life, for convenience the battery indicator is displayed on the screen; it comes with a USB based charging clip and can be charged on any device using the USB charger.

The polymer battery has stand by time of about 25 days, normal use of about 7 days, it requires charging time of two hours. The battery provides efficient power to cope up with the intrinsic capabilities of the smart watch; multiple apps running in the background, bright screen, streaming etc.


In summary, the device is definitely an advanced version of modern wrist watch, with its intelligent sense and classy looks it definitely outstands in the market. It can be the best alternative to Xiaomi Amazfit. Although it has many features but battery life is still a weakness, daily charging is required. It supports various multiple apps but the proper functionality is questioned at times. Apart from few drawbacks, the device is very compatible for the needs of the modern user, it’s cheap price of US$17.99 makes it further handy for the users to grab and enjoy it.


  1. I just don’t understand those parts of review “The polymer battery has stand by time of about 25 days, normal use of about 7 days” vs. “but battery life is still a weakness, daily charging is required”
    So choose what you want 😉 … It’ll be even worse

  2. A question sir.
    Does the ‘Lost device’ function mean it can tell if you’ve lost your phone (or left your phone behind) or is it the other way around (in that you use your phone to find the watch)?
    Note: I am looking for a phone that reminds me that I’m no longer near my phone (as I keep leaving it behind)


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