BEST 5 Smart air-purifiers in 2017

The world is changing at a pace which we could never have thought of a few decades back; the world is turning out to be smarter and we need to adapt with the changing times. The essence of living is in breathing and each time we inhale there is not just oxygen that gets in but more. So why not we turn smarter and breathe in the technology that we have. Here is the review of the best five smart purifiers one can easily afford and purchase from amazon, because your life might not matter to you but it does matter to us.

BEST 5 Smart air-purifiers in 2017

Leading this list is

1# Coway AP-1216L Tower Mighty Air Purifier with True Hepa & Smart Mode:

Coway AP-1216L Tower Mighty Air Purifier

Cowway, was established in 1989, and since then they have been innovating through all these years and now they have brought this compact air purifier with cutting edge design and features.

  • It is equipped with true HEPA efficiency rating of 99.97%. It makes even the most doped air pure with its four stage filtration, which easily removes both odours and pollutants.side view of Coway AP-1216L Air Purifier
  • It also has an air quality indicator and uses particle sensor technology which monitors and checks the air quality, responding with vivid colour change to show the current air condition.
  • The Auto Mode, enables the fan functionality and adjusts airflow when pollutants are detected, hence providing a peace of mind with the indoor air quality.
  • It also has a filter replacement indication and three speed airflow all touch control. It is economical and will cost only $174.05 on amazon, with a customer rating of 4.3.

Next on our list we have

2# Winix 5300-2 Air Purifier

Winix 5300-2 Air Purifier

If your budget is a bit tight and you don’t feel like spending a fee buck on the aesthetics and want a durable air purifier then surely Winix 5300-2 should be your choice.

  • With True-HEPA filter it has capability to capture 99.9% of the air borne pollutant, dust mites, pet dander, pollen and even other allergens as small as 0.3 microns.
  • With a three stage cleaning, it provides air as fresh as you will feel at the cliff of a mountain and you won’t be troubled by any smoke, odour and spores.
  • The Plasma Wave technology unique to its segment acts as a permanent filter to safely break down all the pollutants and allergens; even chemical vapours and harmful pollutants are remove with no harmful ozone.side view of Winix 5300-2 Air Purifier
  • Smart sensor gauges; the air and the Auto Mode installed on the device it adjusts the fan in a better way to filter out the air as needed; which also comes with a sleep mode for quiet and silent night-time operation, so that you don’t ruin you’re peaceful and much needed sleep.
  • With four speed fans and manually setup speed you can easily adjust to your desired configuration; LED has an auto dim feature so it provides your room with a nice ambiance.
  • It cost $149.99 on amazon and is highly recommended by the customers; with a customer rating of 4.3 of 5. It is highly innovative and is a good combination of aura and temperament to give a refined product.

The next one which is lined up at the third spot is

3# GermGuardian CDAP4500BCA WiFi Smart 4-in-1 Air Cleaning System:

GermGuardian CDAP4500BCA Air Purifier

It might not be so great to look at and its designing might not seem that appealing to you but it packs the future of air purifiers in it. It is just ranked at the third place because of its popularity which is not so much and current usability in houses which are not so smart for this.

  • The one absolute of its class with Amazon Alexa voice control, which give the user full automation to use it without any kind of remote; just your voice. It give you an easier and exciting way to breathe fresh and clean air.
  • It also has four stage cleaning system and it the controls are automatically monitors; containing true HEPA filter which gives cleaner air, with UV-C light technology.
  • All the air particles passes through this tube and is exposed to UV light destroying and degrading the pollutants and allergens.Top View of GermGuardian CDAP4500BCA
  • This is a nice blend of simplicity and technology compacted in a single chassis with automated control now you can set it up by being anywhere. These breed air purifiers is another step to building of complete smart and automated homes and bring science fiction to reality.
  • It is affordable and costs nearly $152.27 on amazon and has a customer review rating of 4.0 of 5. It has promising application and if you are a true embracer of technology then this should be your only choice.

For the next one on the list we have

4# Holmes Smart WiFi-Enabled WeMo:

Holmes Smart WiFi-Enabled WeMo purifer

Really elegant to look at with the wood finish and it give a classy and royal touch to your homes and also make you go a step ahead in appreciating the valour of technology.

  • It is not only beautiful and looks like a master work piece; it also enfolds the inclusion of technology in its design, with automatic control from the smart phone using the free We Mo app which is available both on the android (4.0 and higher) and IOS devices.
  • It has a seven day programmable operation to the pre-set time, fan speed and ionizer. It also provides alerts and signals the user of the change in the filter and keeps a constant check on the quality of the air that is being provided.
  • Any change in the quality is being noted and the information is sent to the user and the user can then utilize the information provided to make the recommended changes.
  • It has two replaceable true HEPA Aer 1 Filters, with a warranty of three years. It is easy to use and easy to install, you just need to configure it with your smart phone and WiFi router and install the app; and then you are all set to go.
  • The filtration captures airborne particulars as small as two microns and doesn’t allow them to pass through the filter providing a clean breeze of air in your homes.
  • The WeMo app enables you to make things easier with every single control visible on your touch screens, you can check the air quality, receive alerts and even order filters from anywhere.
  • It costs $150.33 on amazon and has a customer rating of 3.4 of 5 which is not justifiable.

The last one on the list is

5# Envion Therapure TPP240:

 Envion Therapure TPP240 Smart Air Purifer

This piece of tech is simply built and has a user friendly interface which is easy to configure for the generic public, with its simple design and timid look. The company has patented hemi-spheric hepa type filters which easily remove all kind of pollutant, allergens and even pollen and smoke.

  • UV technology is incorporated and it acts as a germicidal killing all the airborne bacteria and germs passing through the light. It also removes harmful voc’s which are found in paint and carpet fumes.
  • Though it has Cadr ionizer and it does revitalizes the air, the touch of automation is missing. Unlike it peers it has a Chinese built and is totally manual; it doesn’t have any automatic indicators and sensors to remind you of the filter changes and you can’t track the air purity like the others in the segment.Envion Therapure TPP240 side view
  • It is firmly built with good material quality but it can’t be considered when it is compared with the other peers in the market, it lags the voice control guidelines and linkage to any kind of touch screen sensors.
  • Even though it has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 on amazon; it ranks low in our list because it lacks the touch of innovation and technology.
  • It is quiet nominal as it costs only $122.04 on amazon and is mostly preferred by those who want something a bit in their budget.
  • But again it is a good product and surely you can purchase it if you are not so passionate about technology and likes to keep things simple and easy.

So these were the 5 best Smart Air Purifier in 2017, according to our research, If you have any other purifier in mind, Feel free to share with us.


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