Hbuds H1 wireless bluetooth earbuds

Are you having trouble to move around with a wired headphone in your ear? Let me tell you whether you are working out or moving around with a wired headphone; they always cause a lot of trouble. Now is the time to switch to the wireless headphone. Previously, wireless headphones use to run out of battery very efficiently and there sound quality was not that good. But now, companies have started producing more and more wireless headphone with amazing sound quality, which is as good as a wired headphone’s sound, and it can be seen that shortly, the wireless headphone will be becoming a choice of all.

Hbuds H1 Bluetooth wireless headphones Review

So, we know you are also looking for the perfect wireless headgear, so thanks Hbuds for making the perfect wireless headphone whose name is “Hbuds H1” that can be considered as the best wireless headgear made by Hbuds till date.

So to experience this Bluetooth earbuds, i recently bought this item from amazon and after week of use i decided to make a hands-on review for my readers. In this article, I will be reviewing the new and sturdy Hbuds H1 but first, let’s know about Hbuds.

About the company

Hbuds was founded in 2010, to meet the requirement of headphone lovers. Since then it has produced some very highest quality headphones. With its wireless headphone, it’s looking to capture the future market, and it already has some of the best headphones in its fields. And you would regret it if you don’t buy one of these headphones.

Hbuds H1 Full Review [Hands-on]

Hbuds H1 headphones is a wireless, Bluetooth head set. You can connect it with any phone set and use it with it. It has some of the best features you can find in its price range. Click here to buy now.

What you got in the Box?

Hbuds H1 earbuds comes in a nicely packed box. When you open the box you will get the following things

Unboxing Hbuds H1 Earbuds

  • H1 earbuds
  • Charging Cable
  • 4 Pairs of extra ear tips
  • A soft carrying pouch
  • Warranty Card
  • User Manual
I personally like its soft carrying pouch very much, by using it, you can keep your earbuds safe and protected from any kind of scratches.

Flexible and Secure design

Flexible and Secure design

H1 earbuds has a premium design made from soft material. It is flexible, and ergonomic, with over the ear hook made from silicone. This makes it very comfortable and also easy to wear.

It has a hold or grip which, which would not fall off, and you can be in the gym exercising, running in tracks, swimming or using it for day to day activity without having to think about the headphone. And instead, you can enjoy the exercise with sweet, clear music playing in your ears.

Volume Button H1 Wireless earbuds

You can easily control the volume with the earbuds itself. All the functioning buttons are provided in the right ear hook.

Charging Point of H Buds H1 bluetooth headphone

The small charging point is provided in the bottom of the right earbuds from where you can easily charge you device with the given cable.

Superior Sound Quality and Waterproof built

With Bluetooth 4.1 CSR with apt-X technology, gives you a crystal-clear sound quality with bass rich sound

The Bluetooth has a range of 30 feet or 10 meters. The H1 headphone is also waterproof with IPX – 7 waterproof rating, you do not have to worry from any damage when coming in contact with water.

Longer Battery and Noise cancellation:

Longer Battery and Noise cancellation

Hbuds H1 headphones come with a battery which can be charged 100% within 1.5 hours to 2 hours. It last with continuous playing music almost 9 hours and has a standby of 2 weeks.

It comes with built-in a microphone in case you want to take up a call and chat with others.

It comes with CVC noise cancellation 6.0 technology to reduce any external noise interference also; the ear buds are designed in such a way to minimize any external noise which will help you to listen to music or chat with your friends without any interference from external noise.

Control one button touch

one button touch

Control your music and take any call with a just tap on one button. You can adjust the sound of the music with inbuilt volume control button without any problem which removes the hassle of taking out the phone to control the volume or take any call.

Fast Connectivity

Hbuds H1 headphone takes no time to pair up with your Bluetooth phone whether you are using iPhone, tabs or any Android phones.You can easily connect the earbuds to any of bluetooth device within a seconds. Just press the HBuds logo in right earbuds and a LED will blink, till it connects. When you wear it, you will also listen the connected and disconnect voice in the earphones.

Above features ensure that you are not left with any problem. With great Bluetooth ranging over 10 meters, you do not need to worry about it when you are performing your day to day activity. It also comes with full support for iPhone Siri, and since iPhone has cut-off its headphone jack, this Bluetooth makes a good replacement for it. It is easy to control and is also ergonomically comfortable and fashionable. So, you won’t regret buying this product.

Hbuds H1 Earbuds Vs Treblab Earbuds

It is better than Treblab wireless earbuds, which comes with IPX-6 sweat-proof in this range. However H1 comes with IPX – 7 waterproof rating. Treblab, also take up some time while pairing with your smartphone, iPads, iPhone or your Android devices.

The only good thing with Treblab earbuds that you can connect to multiple devices, but Hbuds H1 headphones lack it, though this might not be a big problem, many do prefer to connect to single device instead of a multiple.

Pros and Cons of Hbuds H1 wireless headphones

Pros Cons
Superior and crystal-clear sound Single device connectivity
Faster charge 9 hours of battery life Automatic re-connection is not possible
Noise cancellation earbuds
Easy to connect

Why buy

With the new Hbuds H1 wireless headphone, you won’t regret it. With its first charging technology, you can charge the headset within 1.5 to 2 hours. With its new noise cancellation technology, you won’t find any interference from outside. Supports all weather use and comes with IPX-7 waterproof and sweat proof which removes any possibility of damage from sweat or rain.

Buy Hbuds H1 wireless headphone

This headphone would not stop you whether you are in the gym exercising, swimming, playing or driving your car. With iPhone removing its audio jack, this headphone won’t disappoint you to take iPhone’s headset place and comes with Siri support. It comes with 12 months warranty in case if you find any defect and replace or return it without any hassle.

So, what are you waiting for, rush now and get a pair for yourself. Click here to buy now. If you found this article useful and if you have liked it then do share this article with others for their benefit also.


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