Just imagine, you have started the road trip you were dreaming about for so long. And suddenly you realize your phone’s battery is at its lowest! How is it charged? How do you act?

In this digital era, mobile phones have formed the 4th necessity after Food, Clothes and House. We are too dependent on this little device. And losing the battery, especially on a trip, is a nightmare.

A mobile charger will help you charge your Android or iOS phone so you can capture those million memories with it. A portable mobile charger is the need of the hour. This page will discuss several mobile charger kinds, how to use them, and a few significant pieces of advice that might be helpful.

The Importance of Staying Connected While Traveling

A road trip without some good music and a few 100 pictures is not worth it. And that “low battery please charge’ notification is bound to cause a lot of stress to many of us. Be it for music, or navigation, mobile phones have made our life very easier.

Mobile phones work on a rechargeable battery which we need to charge from time to time. Especially as you head out for that road trip please check your phone beforehand. However, there are times when you forget your charger and your phone hits 1% battery. This is when portable car chargers are your saviors!

These small black devices and a USB wire is all you need to charge your mobile phone in the car. The car already has a stock-up battery, why not use some?

You can simply charge your phone while traveling if you have access to these chargers. Simply plug your phone into it, then unwind by sitting back.


Understanding Portable Car Chargers

Portable car chargers are just like your normal mobile chargers. They are more lightweight and may charge your device a little slower than your normal charger. Its connected to a port in the car that supplies it with the energy. All you have to do is connect an usb wire to the charger and pin it in your phone and voila its done.

Though all car mobile chargers are quite similar, the main thing to look out for is the power output they provide.

  • Always buy chargers that are providing 12V and higher
  • A charger with 2 ports in one is the best. You can now charge 2 phones simultaneously on the go!
  • Always buy chargers that provide you with overheating, over-voltage and short-circuit protection. Though this is a very small thing to notice, it’s important for safety.
  • Many chargers now come with additional features like call indication and pen drive slots that shall make your trip more pleasant.

It’s crucial that we always have a charger with us because of how dependent we are on our smartphones. whether it’s in the car or the office.

Key Features to Consider When Choosing a Portable Car Charger

When selecting a portable car charger, you need to consider a few important characteristics because they may have an important effect on how it works and how frequently you use it. Here are some crucial headings to think about when selecting:

●     Power Output

How quickly a portable car charger can charge your electronics depends on its power output. For effective and quick charging of your gadgets, notably smartphones, tablets, and other electronics, make sure the charger you purchase has a high adequate power output, commonly expressed in watts and amps.

●     Compatibility

Confirming that your devices and the car charger are compatible is critical. To guarantee that you can charge any gadget you have while on the move, look for chargers that support a variety of devices, covering both iOS and Android smartphones.

●     Portable and Compact Design

A car charger’s portability is essential because it needs to be simple to carry and keep in your car. Think of small chargers that will only crowd your automobile’s interior or take up a little room. Furthermore, portable features, including lightweight designs including foldable plugs, can improve portability.

●     Number of Ports

Take into account how many ports the car charger has. Choose a charger with numerous ports if you usually bring along multiple devices or if other travelers must charge their devices simultaneously. This enables you to charge innumerable appliances simultaneously, saving time and guaranteeing that everyone’s gadgets are charged.

●     Safety Features

Safety is of the utmost concern whenever you charge your equipment, especially in a car. Watch for chargers featuring overcurrent and overvoltage protection, among other safety measures. These features defend against potential harm or hazards for your gadgets and the vehicle’s electrical system.

●     Brand Reputation

Product quality and customer service are frequently higher for reputable brands. You can learn about actual experiences and make an informed choice by reading reviews.

 Best Practices for Selecting the Right Portable Car  Charger

To make an informed decision, it’s important to assess your personal charging needs and requirements. Consider the power requirements of the gadgets you plan to charge.

You can pick a charger that satisfies your unique needs by being aware of your charging preferences. Next, conduct research on reputable brands and read customer reviews.

You will gain useful knowledge on the efficiency and dependability of several portable car chargers from this.

Finally, think about things like size, portability, and extra features including LED indicators or built-in cables. These factors can greatly enhance your charging experience while on the go.

How to Use a Portable Car Charger Effectively

A few easy steps are required to use a portable car charger efficiently. Here is a way to assist you:

●     Select a Proper Portable Car Charger:

Consider the charging capacity, device compatibility, and any extra features you might require.

●     Read the User Manual:

Learn the particular directions and safety recommendations that the manufacturer has provided.

●     Get Your Car Ready

Ensure your engine is not running and the ignition is turned to the “off” position.

●     Check For the 12-volt Outlets

The cigarette lighter socket, often called the 12-volt power outlet, is a standard automobile fixture.

●     Connect The Vehicle Charger

Place the plug into the 12-volt power outlet firmly but gently.

●     Connect Your Gadget

Connect your gadget to the car charger using a USB cable that works with it or the one that came with it.

●     Start Your Car

Start your car’s engine. This crucial step activates the 12-volt power outlet, which powers the auto charger.

●     Observe the Charging Procedure

Monitor the battery indicator to see if your device is charging. LED indicators on some automobile chargers also display the charging state.

●     Disconnect The Charger

When the charger is no longer required, or your gadget is fully charged, unplug it from the 12-volt power outlet and your device.

●     Safely Store the Charger

Whenever not in use, keep the car charger in a safe, convenient spot in your vehicle, like the center console or glove box.

The Benefits of Portable Car Chargers for Travelers

Travellers can profit significantly from portable car chargers, car power inverters or car converters. The following are some benefits of using portable car chargers while on the road:

Portable car chargers offer a practical alternative for on-the-go charging of electronic gadgets. You can charge your devices without relying on conventional power sources while driving, camping, or visiting isolated locations.

You can save money by using a portable car charger rather than purchasing additional batteries or investing in separate charging stations for each device. You can rely on a single charger that works with some devices rather than several connections and adapters.

Using a portable car charger reduces your reliance on single-use batteries and energy sources that are not renewable. It increases energy efficiency by drawing electricity from the car’s batteries, a renewable energy source.

Safety Precautions and Considerations

While portable car chargers are incredibly convenient, it’s important to prioritize safety when using them. Always follow these important safety measures:

Avoid overcharging your devices. Disconnect them once they are fully charged to prevent potential damage to the battery.

Be cautious of overheating. If you notice that the charger or your devices are becoming excessively hot, disconnect them immediately and allow them to cool down before further use.

Take care to prevent potential hazards. Avoid using damaged or frayed charging cables and ensure that the charger is kept away from flammable materials.

Proper handling and storage are essential for performance that lasts. When not in use, keep the charger somewhere cool and dry, away from moisture, and at room temperature or lower.


Portable car chargers have become indispensable companions for travelers. They keep your devices charged on the go. Together with providing convenience, peace of mind, and uninterrupted connectivity.

By considering the key features, following best practices, and adhering to safety precautions, you can choose and use a portable car charger effectively.

Investing in a reliable portable car charger, such as the ones offered by Portronics, ensures that you stay connected and powered up wherever your journey takes you. Say goodbye to dead batteries and embrace the freedom of charging on the go!


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