Come into the world of VR with the new Dlodlo H2-

A VR device can de-restrict you of all geographical bounds. Sitting cozily on your home couch you can have a view of say, the sun’s rays on the Himalayan peaks in a way that it seems happening right in front of your eye. Wouldn’t that feel out of this world? Hang on! This entire concept is believable in the VR world.

Dlodlo H2 VR Headset

The industrial sector of VR is dominated by companies like HTC Vibe and Oculus. Apart from these market leaders, other brands are also present in the market. With increased nuisance, people are often misled about the concept of VR and to give this declining VR market a considerable hype, the brand new headset called Dlodlo H2 has been recently launched.

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This brand itself has taken out these optical lens headsets to stand as a strong competition the rival Virtual reality gadget. The cutting edge of the product in comparison to the VR devices of its market leaders is that it works on the basic gyroscopic tracking system. All Dlodlo products are manufactured in China where the high-quality designed devices of VR come to life. Scroll carefully through this Dlodlo H2 Review to get familiarized with the brand new and improved features of the product. It is best compatible with 4.7-5.7 inch Android phones.

What is inside the Dlodlo H2 Box?

The moment of opening the delivered box becomes very exciting at times. Here, the packaging of the product is full proof. However, you have to be patient to finally lay your hands on this new baby, because every full proof object takes the time to unravel. The Dlodlo H2 VR device is packed in around 3 layers.

Dlodlo H2 Box
Dlodlo H2 Box

The product is tightly tucked into the foam package at the 3rd layer. The packaging of the device, as you will get to know from the Dlodlo H2 Review, is done with absolute precision. This is the factor that ensures its safety from any possibilities of breakage or internal damage. Do bear with the extra packaging in case you are an impatient one. Remember it is for your satisfaction from the product. The box contains additional buddies to make your VR experience one hell of a ride.

  • The box definitely would contain a warranty card and a manual. The high chances are that the manual would be in both Chinese and English for user’s convenience.
  • Other than the headset, a main, as well as top head strap will be there with extra padding for full support.
  • It also comprises of a microfiber fabric and credit cards of the Dlodlo Application.

Once you are through with unravelling, it’ll take just 5 minutes to get started with your VR experience.

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Dimensions and measurement VR Headset:

Dlodlo H2 VR Glasses Design

 The Dlodlo H2 is user-friendly regarding usage. This piece of device is sleek and lightweight. It is better than the 9 axis built-in sensor of the H1 VR. You can plug this device with your Smartphone at any given time and dive into a different realm altogether. Enjoy your alone time with the soothing experience of Dlodlo H2. Here are some dimensional specifications of the Dlodlo H2:

  • The product weight is approx. 339.5g / 11.97oz and its size is approx. 19.3 x 10.5 x 9.1cm / 7.59 x 4.13 x 3.58 inches respectively.
  • The size and weight of its Package will be Approx. 20.6 x 15.6 x 11.0cm / 8.11 x 6.14 x 4.33 inches and approx. 339.5g / 11.97oz respectively.

Some other highlighting Features of Dlodlo H2 VR glasses:

The Dlodlo H2 VR headset is not extremely pricey, and it works as a nucleus of distinctive characteristics. Its advanced features make the buying worthwhile. You can expect the following functionality out of this gadget:

360-degree inbuilt head tracker
360-degree inbuilt head tracker
  1. The FOV is much wider in comparison to the H1 model. The FOV covers 100 degrees which is more than its previous model.
  2. Dlodlo H2 gives a balanced image due to the profound algorithm of the hardware. It also prevents distortion.
  3. Even in the case of myopic individuals using this device is easy. It supports glasses.
  4. It has a 360-degree inbuilt head tracker. The visuals are smooth with the real time display.
  5. It comes with simplified tools and keys to give you a maximum VR immersion experience.
  6. The straps are both cozy and adjustable enhancing the user’s comfort.
  7. The IPD adjustment is pretty adaptive

Additional Pros of Dlodlo H2

  • You can now have access to a wide range of movies and games even when you are on the move.
  • In comparison to similar products, Dlodlo H2 doesn’t hurt your pocket that much but, offers the most advanced technology.
  • Its app is an inbuilt portal to browse VR content.

Downsides of Dlodlo H2

  • Compatibility restrictions except for 4.7-5.7 inch Android phones.
  • The lens quality is not up to the mark.
It can be concluded this piece of VR device stunning when it comes to upgraded technology and affordable price tag. The features that it offers are modified and thus fresh. You can definitely go for Dlodlo H2 Review if you are new to the VR world. You can take the help of this review before your purchase.


  1. This item has 1 interesting feature; the 9-axis fast sensor. It should be something similar with gear vr. But “Gear vr” is special system, and all games for it are made different, just to take advantage of 9-axis sensor. What is situation with using Dlodlo sensor in gaming? Can it be used in any vr cardboard game, or just in some special ones?
    PS: I do not care in 3D videos, so please answer this questions just for gaming.


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