Friendship is about spending your highs and lows together. Whether you’re upset about a bad grade, stressed over a job interview, or excited about your upcoming birthday party, these are all moments you want to share with a good, trusted friend. And speaking of birthday parties, what’s a better gift than throwing your friend a surprise birthday bash for their special day? 

There’s nothing more wholesome than giving your close, trusted friend the gift of a big celebration, dedicated solely to them. And the best part is, you don’t have to spend a lot of time or money trying to plan one. Here are 4 wholesome ideas you can use to make your friend’s birthday party a super hit. 

Parties are a lot more fun if they come with a theme. Everyone loves a good excuse to dress up and go all out. And when it’s your friend’s special day, the best way to start a party is by picking a party theme that they love. 

You could go with a special movie theme where your friend could dress as the protagonist and everyone else could be a side character. Or you could go the traditional route with a Disney theme where they can dress up as their favorite childhood Disney character. If you feel like everyone’s too old to be dressing up as Disney characters, you can add a fun adult twist by asking guests to personalize their characters of choice and dress up as adult versions of old Disney characters. 

  • Make a special birthday dessert

Everyone loves cake on a birthday, but sometimes it’s good to go a different route. What dessert does your friend like the most in the world? Cookies? Chocolate pudding? Ice cream sundaes? 

Well, what if you made these at home for the birthday party? Baking adds a personal touch to dessert that makes it a sweet, wholesome surprise for the birthday person. And you don’t even need professional baking skills to get started. For a batch of your friend’s favorite cookies, grab a roll of ready-to-bake cookie dough from your local grocery store. Or try out the first easy recipe you see online. 

If your friend likes ice cream sundaes, you can plan something entirely different. Set up a make your own sundae station at the party with ice cream tubs, bowls, chocolate sauce, and all the toppings. Have people create their own sundaes as a fun party activity while also giving your friend the perfect opportunity to indulge in their favorite treat. 

  • Play a game of “who knows the birthday boy/girl”

Party games are often the highlight of a good celebration. And when it’s a birthday party dedicated to one of your favorite people, you have to plan out and have everyone play a personalized party game. And what’s better than a fun game of “who knows the birthday boy/girl”? 

To play this game, have the birthday boy/girl sit separately and ask the rest of the group a series of fun and interesting questions about them. Whoever gets the most answers right can win a small prize at the end of the game. 

  • Create and customize a special birthday collage

No wholesome birthday celebration is complete without a personalized birthday gift, and there’s no better gift than that of happy memories. So why not combine all of your happy memories together to create the perfect photo collage for your friend. 

You can use online design tools like PosterMyWall to pick out the perfect photo collage template and customize it to your preference. To make the perfect collage for your friend, pick out photos from the happiest memories you have together, and insert them into the template. Add in a short, sweet birthday message to finish it off. 

Once your collage is ready, you can either publish it on social media and tag your friend in a special birthday post, or print it out to give to them as a birthday card. 

Final thoughts

Birthday parties are a special time for everyone. But they’re especially special when you get to celebrate the existence of a close friend. Use the birthday party tips above to plan out the perfect surprise for your friend and make their birthday more special than ever. 


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