Images that you’re using on different platforms such as websites, social media platforms, and other marketing activities are considered your business intellectual property. Maybe you will doubt that other people are using your images without permission but the assistance of an online image search mobile tool can help you know how & where your images are being used on various digital platforms.

The tool’s name says it all; the reverse image search tool finds out similar photos by searching them on various platforms. It can also be used to search the content associated with a particular image, where certain images are being used, and how popular the images are.  But you want to know who is using your images, whether it is with your permission or not. Here are some of the guidelines to use the picture finder.

Reverse Image Search Tool:

A reverse image finder is an online tool that uses the image to find the relevant images or information about the picture. In a fraction of seconds, you can find visually similar photos from the internet and get the relevant information about the image, and it includes objects & places. By having a search on the image lookup tool, you can find the owner of the image.

Useful information about the search:

Let’s have a look at some of the results that the tool generates. Use the right-click technique to search.  Hallam’s Digital Marketing Map is the image that can be used as an example to search. Some useful information that can be beneficial for you.

  • Additional Sizes:

The best option is that you can search for the other sizes of the image.

  • Websites with similar content:

The image search tool shows all those websites that have digital marketing maps. When someone clicks on the link, then it will show the other versions of the maps.

  • Visually similar image:

The tool also shows visually similar images that are listed on the database of the search engine. This is important if you want to find the same image in a different resolution/size!

  • Pages with the relevant images:

The search shows the list of websites that include the relevant images to the one I have searched for.

Limitations of reverse image finder:

The Reverse Photos search tool like finds the restricted part of the entire ecosystem only. It brings up the results from different online platforms, and it does not appear to bring the picture or images used in social media platforms.

How does the image search engine work?

The reverse image tool works on the base of a query system known with the name of content-based image retrieval. You need to upload the image search as a query, and it will process it to provide you with similar photos by searching it on the online database. 

Content-based image search consists of retrieving similar pictures to an uploaded query image from a huge database platform. The tool uses the CBIR technique to retrieve all the identical images without difficulties.

Why use reverse image search?

This tool is easy to use, and it can generate insightful results, but why show you use it? It is the best image finder to search the content related to a particular image, know how popular the pictures are, and how platform they are used. However, there are so many other benefits of using the image lookup from a digital marketing perspective.

Measuring the content marketing impacts:

The only way to measure content marketing’s success is to have very clear goals & to set them up before starting the content marketing. 

In this way, you can appropriately plan various activities to make your content marketing efforts worth it.

Identify the linking opportunities:

The reverse image search result displays a list of websites that have used your photos, whether they have permission to use the image or not. It will provide you a great opportunity to build the links back to your website, and this where the websites give you the credits to use your photo. 

Spending the time to check the results is beneficial and ensure that credits have been given where it is important. If they don’t give you the credits, then you can ask them to give the credits in the form of links.


You can identify the context of the picture in which other companies or your competitors use them. You can do this easily by checking the websites with the same images. For instance, the picture you use to promote your cafe, maybe it is possible that it can be used as a poster for a burger restaurant.


In the article, we have talked about using the reverse image finder tool in digital marketing. How the image reverse tool works is also taken into account in the discussion.


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