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Leagoo T5c 4G Phablet Review

Leagoo T5c Review: Affordable smartphone with premium features!

Leagoo T5c Review  In this winter season, Chinese brand leagoo is ready to launch their new smartphone. Earlier company has launched preety decent smartphone in...
MEIIGOO NOTE 8 4G Phablet Review

MEIIGOO NOTE 8 Review: Things to know before buy!

Well, New Year and Christmas are approaching which means it’s time to exchange gifts. So, if you are like me and haven't figured out...
UHANS i8 4G Phablet

UHANS i8 Review: Things to know before buy

If you are in search of a new smartphone and you want it to be very good looking and have amazing qualities at the...
KOOLNEE K1 4G Phablet

KOOLNEE K1 Review: Simpler & Humbler Curvy Edgy Device

Once again a brand new device is going to be launched in the gadget market pretty soon. This brand new gadget is named as...
Alfawise Tab Tablet PC Review

Alfawise Tab Review: Best Budget Tablet PC in 2017

Okay, so one new brand that promises high performance at lower price rates is ready for you. The Alfawise brand has launched its new...
Vernee active smartphone review

Vernee Active Review: 6GB RAM+128GB ROM Waterproof smartphone

Chinese smartphone industry is booming like never before. There are many such brands, which made their name worldwide by providing a powerful smartphone to...
Uhans K5000 Review

Uhans K5000 Smartphone Review: Perfect large battery smartphone!

Well, we are back again with a detailed report on another new smartphone. Today we are going to discuss a smartphone called “Uhans K5000.”...
Pipo N7 Tablet PC

Pipo N7 Review: Another premium tablet from Pipo

We have numerous smart gadgets like smartphones, tablets, and traditional PCs. All these intelligent devices are competent enough to perform each other's duty. And,...
No.1 F5 Smartwatch

No.1 F5 Smartwatch now available for per-order at $29.99!

No.1 F5 Smartwatch launched at banggood at as low as $29.99! Smartwatches has become a new fashion trend now-e-days. These smart wearable devices can also...
Teclast Master T8 Review

Teclast Master T8 Review: Things to know before buy!

This is a very confusing situation to select genuine quality tablets with an appropriate advanced feature that is the best suitable in this digital...
Chuwi Surbook Mini Review

Chuwi SurBook Mini Review: Budget Version of SurBook 2-in-1 Tablet PC

Today, we cannot imagine our lives without some mobile device. It doesn’t matter whether it is mobile phone, smartphone, tablet or laptop, we must...
11.11 Best deal at Gearbest

Get Ready for 11.11- Check out Best Gadget Deals at Gearbest!

Good News for techies! Well, hello gadget geeks, today you are going to love me as I have fantastic news for you. As we all...
Leagoo P1 Pro Smartphone Review

Leagoo P1 Pro Review: The Best Low-Cost smartphone with Premium features

This winter season, the smartphone's market is scorching as new devices are making their appearance. This season a brand named Leagoo is introducing their...
INCHOR InClock SmartWatch Review

INCHOR InClock SmartWatch Review– Things to know before buy

Many people from all over the world enjoy the popularity of activity and fitness trackers. However, in most cases, trackers are perfect because they...
AI Tools to Boost Your Social Media

Top 7 AI Tools to Boost Your Social Media Marketing

Success on social media is heavily dependent on consistency. The algorithms are pleased when you consistently produce high-quality material each week, and this increases...
Generative AI Tool for content writer

30+ Generative AI Tools for Content Writer [2023]

Ever felt like you're running out of words or ideas? Or maybe you've wished for a magical tool that could help you churn out...

Soul App Review [2023]: Discovering the Immersive Social Metaverse

In today's fast-moving world of technology, the concept of social networking has outgrown its old boundaries. The rise of AI, big data, and communication...

AI Work Art Can Not Be Copyrighted: US Courts

AI is dominating every industry and has helped people in almost every profession. AI highly influences arts and creative work, and many artisans are...
Claude AI Vs ChatGPT

8 Things Claude AI Can Do That ChatGPT Can’t!

In the world of AI chatbots that's always changing, Claude AI stands out against the well-known ChatGPT. People like ChatGPT, but Claude AI has...

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