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MEMOBIRD G2 Pocket Printer review: Print Anything, Anywhere!

MEMOBIRD G2- PORTABLE WIRELESS PRINTER In the twentieth century if one thing is inevitable, it is innovation and MEMOBIRD G2 has done the same thing...
ALLDOCUBE / Cube Power M3 4G Phablet

Alldocube/Cube Power M3 Review: A powerful large Screen Phablet for Budget...

Hello, gadget junkies, we have a brand new gadget for you all to enjoy. A brand named Cube is introducing their new Cube Power...
LEMFO LEM6 3G Smartwatch Phone Review

LEMFO LEM6 Review: A Rugged Smartwatch with IP67 Waterproof Rating!

For some smartwatch lovers, we are going to review a very cool smartwatch, named “LEMFO LEM6 3G Smartwatch” this watch has really some good...
Best Smartwatches under $50

10 Best Cheap Smartwatches under $50 you can buy [2018]

If you are looking for a smartwatch that can do wonders for you and also doesn't go beyond your budget then your search has...
YEPO 737A Review

YEPO 737A Review: A Budget Notebook for amazing multitasking works!

When it comes to choose the notebook many things comes into the mind. It is very important to consider lots of things when you...
Lenovo TAB 10 TB - X103F Tablet PC International Version

Lenovo TAB 10 TB–X103F Review –Affordable Tablet with Great Entertainment Features

If you are a fan of low-budget tablets that will give you similar possibilities as high-tech ones, but for an affordable price, then Lenovo...

5 Best Smartwatch brands you need to know about!

Our wrist deserves the best, best in style, best in class and now best in technology. In the period where wearable technology is finally...
Onda V10 Plus Tablet Review

Onda V10 Plus Tablet Review: Things to know before Buy!

Have you heard about Onda V10 plus tablet? Now I am going to share a review about this product. You will get a clear...
ALLDOCUBE Freer X9 Tablet Review

ALLDOCUBE Freer X9 Tablet Review: 7mm thin tablet with decent features!

With so many excellent mobile phones appearing, the interest among a tablet is diminishing. However, there are still some group of people, who do...
6-Best fitness tracker for cycling 2017

6-Best fitness tracker for cycling [2017 Edition]

Until now, most bikers have been monitoring their cycle details using conventional bike speedometers with small efficiency. But there are activity monitoring devices made...

LEMFO LES2 Smartwatch Review: Cheap wearable with Power packed features!

Introducing LEMFO LES 2 Smartwatch: Well, the market of gadgets is always buzzing with many new dynamic products, and every product has a unique and...
LEMFO KW88 3G Smartwatch Phone

LEMFO KW88 3G SmartWatch Review: Things to know before buy!

Stunning LEMFO KW88 Smartwatch For gadget lovers, who are always waiting for something new and unique, we have some good news for them. Okay,...
FINOW X5 AIR 3G Smartwatch Phone

FINOW X5 AIR Smartwatch Review: Things to know before buy!

Now a day’s Smart watch is the ultimate tool of smartphones. Smartwatch is not only provides a time but also it serves a various...
Finow Q5 Smart Watch

FINOW Q5 Review: Cheapest 3G smartwatch from FINOW!

The trend of looking at a watch has now totally changed, as now our smartphone also have a clock and our smartwatch can perform...
AI Tools to Boost Your Social Media

Top 7 AI Tools to Boost Your Social Media Marketing

Success on social media is heavily dependent on consistency. The algorithms are pleased when you consistently produce high-quality material each week, and this increases...
Generative AI Tool for content writer

30+ Generative AI Tools for Content Writer [2023]

Ever felt like you're running out of words or ideas? Or maybe you've wished for a magical tool that could help you churn out...

Soul App Review [2023]: Discovering the Immersive Social Metaverse

In today's fast-moving world of technology, the concept of social networking has outgrown its old boundaries. The rise of AI, big data, and communication...

AI Work Art Can Not Be Copyrighted: US Courts

AI is dominating every industry and has helped people in almost every profession. AI highly influences arts and creative work, and many artisans are...
Claude AI Vs ChatGPT

8 Things Claude AI Can Do That ChatGPT Can’t!

In the world of AI chatbots that's always changing, Claude AI stands out against the well-known ChatGPT. People like ChatGPT, but Claude AI has...

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