Doogee Mix Lite Review

Superb smartphone with a seriously tempting price tag, the Doogee Mix Lite 4G can be your best purchase in 2017. It has a wireless charging capability, heavy battery back-up and a bundle of utilities that makes this phone a superb all-rounder.

DOOGEE Mix Lite 4G Smartphone
DOOGEE Mix Lite 4G Smartphone Review

For starters, Doogee Mix Lite 4G runs Android 7.0 straight out of the box, with a Quad Core 1.45GHz and 2GB RAM. It also has onboard storage of 16GB. With some useful and fun features like dual camera, fingerprint scanner and dual SIM, this phone is a heavyweight at just $100. The device also supports languages such as English, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Italian, German, French, Russian, Arabic, Malay, Thai, Greek, Ukrainian, Croatian, and Czech.

DOOGEE Mix Lite Review

Design and Appearance

Mix Lite has minimum bezel at sides
Doogee Mix Lite Bezel-less design

The Doogee Mix Lite 4G has a slim body with minimum bezels at sides. Its 5.2” HD display fits properly into its slim body and delivers the most cost-effective full display smartphone. Its dimensions – 138×73.2×8.6 mm– are also well average. It is although unlikely for a user to put this handset in a hard shell or a case, given to its already powerful look. This big phone can’t fit into small pockets, so you are most likely to use big pockets while carrying it.

Finding a correct combination between good performance and portability is as important as choosing a right phone for use. But, here in this case, Doogee seems to have hit the jackpot. Its combination of using metal- aerospace grade aluminum along with high density polycarbonate plastic instead of rubber to improve the device’s resistance to bumps and shocks is a great move.

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Mix Lite Screen Review
Mini Version of the famous Doogee Mix Smartphone!

The Doogee Mix Lite 4G has a 5.2-inch Full HD IPS display, which is relatively big as compared with other phones. It is covered with a Gorilla Glass 5 which provides additional protection against breakage and scratches. It has got an oleophobic coating, and its screen is also strikingly less prone to fingerprints blurs, compared to competitors. The phone’s fingerprint reader is present at the back alongside the speaker, the camera sensor, and dual LED. The MicroSD and SIM slots are placed under a metal cover that can only be read when you take out two screws (a screwdriver is required).


The device has got three buttons on each side, which can be used to adjust the volume- volume up and down, and also includes an SOS button on the left; PTT (push to talk), power and a dedicated camera button on the right. It has a MicroUSB port situated at the bottom of the device while the audio plug is at the top. Both of these plugs are enclosed by rubber flaps which can be a bit hard to open and close.


When it comes to connectivity, this device can get a standout. The chipset supports Cat-6 LTE, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth 4.1 along with all the major satellite navigation systems. Its 24W (12v2A) power supply unit can help to feed the bigger-than-average 3080mAh battery.


Doogee Mix Lite Camera
13 MP Camera for Perfect Photography

The 13-megapixel rear camera is truly a gift for camera users. It can produce a lot of top-quality pictures. Although the lighting conditions are not quite ideal for outdoor settings photography, but, overall it can get you a high level of clear pictures across the frame. It has a 8.0 MP front camera. Now, you can click innumerable pictures. It has a unique triple camera, to take clear cut and in-depth pictures, and it’s elusive feature also allows you to video record the events.

Operating system and software

Android 7.0 OS
Mix Lite Runs on Android 7.0 OS

The Doogee Mix Lite 4G is a larger-than-life phone. So, it is a bit of handful to carry as compared to other light weights out there in the market. There is basically not much wrong with the Doogee Mix Lite 4G’s size, but this is just something to bear in mind. The smartphone delivers superb performance levels in the benchmarking, and is suitably equipped to tackle most of the recent games on the market. It has an Android 7.0 OS, which promises quite a fast operating speed and is quite amazing.


Having a massive screen with good brightness level is going to drain all the battery quite quickly. But, with a battery, type of Lithium-ion Polymer Battery, and Non-removable in nature, the Doogee Mix Lite 4G can almost definitely get you a full day’s use.

Why Buy

Some of the unique features like attractive bezel-less display, triple camera, having a sensor of Ambient Light Sensor, Gravity Sensor, Proximity Sensor and a sound level meter push this device higher up the list of the best smart phones. Plus, its affordable $100 price tag makes this handset an almost must-buy for mobile lovers.

The Doogee Mix Lite 4G has ticked all the important boxes. If you want a better value smartphone and want to start straight away, then definitely won’t be disappointed with the Doogee Mix Lite 4G (2017).




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