DBPOWER N6 4K Touchscreen Action Camera

It is almost impossible to find a budget 4K action camera along with a touch screen interface. It can be really very frustrating to navigate the settings on most of the entry-level cameras.

DBPOWER N6 4K Touchscreen Action Camera

But here the DBPOWER N6 is loaded with various features and all of them are very easy to use with just a swipe of fingers.

Feature at Glance

  • 20mp camera (5120 × 3840)
  • 4K Ultra HD Resolution (2880× 2160 24 FPS)
  • Touch screen controls
  • 170° wide angle lens
  • Motion detection and anti-shake
  • 30m waterproof housing
  • Supports 64gb Micro SD cards.
  • Comes with 2×1200mAh battery

DBPower N6 Action Camera Review

N6 comes well packed in a proper box. This box contains a dozen of universal adapter and mounts along with batteries of 1200mAh, a USB and a user manual. The DBPOWER N6 is a box shape as same as the other action cameras, though it has a few design and features that help it stand out from the crowd. It comes in the Color matte black and the sides are rounded which makes it easy to hold while being out of the waterproof housing.

We really like the chrome band and the bevel on the front. While you are talking into the camera you will find that a mirror like a thing provides a reference spot. The underside of the camera has a hole to attach a tripod. It is contoured at the sides of the much better grip.

Mostly all of the action cameras require an extra holder to get a fixing point for the tripod. But in this oneitis integrated into the unit itself. This one takes 1200mAh sized batteries unlike the others that take batteries powered by 1050mAh lithium batteries; also this provides 20% additional battery.

Touch screen Display:

DBPOWER N6 Touch Screen

At the front is a big 2.3inch LCD touch screen. On the left side of the screen are arrows to go into the settings also you can swipe on the screen and go to the menu option directly. There are few more sub menus for every mode.

The touch control is really good and responsive also the interface is very easy to navigate. All the camera options could be used by the touch screen. There are also top and side buttons.

Camera Features and Specifications:

This camera records with a resolution of 2880 × 2160 at 24frames per second and also this one takes still shots till 20mb. It has

Image sensor – 1/2 .3” CMOS.

Chipset –Nt96660

Input/Output-USB 2.0 HD-Out

Lens field of view- 170°

Battery-3.8/ 12000mAH

MicroSD Card- Up to 64gb

Picture and Sound Quality:

Picture and Sound Quality

The amazing picture quality of this camera has impressed me totally, the video footage, as well as the still shots, appear very clear with an amazing dynamic range. The sound quality is also good. For people looking for a good audio, this N6 offers the option of plugging in an external microphone. These are cheaper and makes a lot of difference.

Final Verdict:

N6 has impressed me in many ways, the build is nice and the 4k footage is amazing and has to be respected.The touchscreen makes it stand-out of the crowd also it is very easy to operate as compared to many other action cameras in this price range.

We don’t have much to complain about this other than the Camping Wi-Fi that would surely get updated in some time.

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