UHANS i8 4G Phablet
UHANS i8 4G Phablet Review

If you are in search of a new smartphone and you want it to be very good looking and have amazing qualities at the same time than UHANS I8 is perfect for you. For those who haven’t heard about this brand, i want to tell you that, this Chinese company manufacturing smartphone devices from very long time and they have launched some popular smartphone like uhans note 4, Uhans K5000 etc.

Uhans i8 is one of the cheapest bezel-less smartphone and having all the latest features. So if you are interested in knowing more about this wonderful device, please keep on reading.


Before starting the detailed review, lets have a quick look at the key specification of this smartphone.

Key Specs

Features Specification
Display HD
Screen Size 5.7 inch
Camera Front 8MP+ Dual Rear 16MP+3MP
Hardware MTK6750T Octa Core 1.5GHz
OS Android 7.0
Battery 3500 mAh Non-Removable Type
RAM+ROM 4GB+64GB (Memory Card support up to 128 GB!)
Network Support 2G/3G/4G
Type-C Charger Yes


UHANS i8 4G Phablet
UHANS i8 4G Phablet Review

So first let’s start with its display. The size of this smartphone is 5.7 inch which is a very good size. The screen of the phone is stretched from edge to edge and thus offers a bigger view to your eyes. This smartphone is not like any other ordinary smartphone and has a curved screen alon with minimum bezels at sides.

Additionally, as it has HD display, it provides an amazing experience to the viewers while they are watching any video or movie.

Security features

With the advancement in technology, maintaining the security is becoming very difficult. Most smartphone these days come with security lock systems like password, pin or pattern lock but all these can be very easily recognised by an experienced hacker and thus they can easily access your device. With this smartphone, you don’t have to risk your security as it comes with a face recognition system.

Having a smartphone with face ID lock is very secure as no else but you can unlock your device.

The front camera is able to capture every detail and needs a single glance to unlock.


In today’s world, social media plays an important role and everyone is trying to make their social media feed look way cooler than before. Uploading beautiful and high-quality images upgrade your social media game to a whole new level but it is not possible to carry a DSLR with you everywhere you go.

Having a smartphone which captures amazing pictures comes very handy and UHANS I8 is having amazing camera features. It comes with a dual rear camera which helps in shooting professional pictures.

The rear camera is 16MP+3MP. UHANS I8 will no doubt be your mini SLR and you will be able to click amazing pictures in no time. It also has a 8MP front camera which clicks amazing selfies.


It is pretty obvious that no one likes to charge their smartphone hundred times a day thus having a smartphone which has high battery capacity is a must. Well, UHANS I8 comes with a battery capacity of 3500mAh which usually very few smartphone has. Having a smartphone with high battery capacity has its own advantage as you can without any fear use your smartphone all day long.

If you are a student or a working person than having a smartphone with 3500mAh battery capacity will prove to be very beneficial for you. With a single time charging, UHANS I8 can run for 2 days straight which is quite a long time.

Fingerprint scanner

This smartphone comes with a rear fingerprint scanner which is quite good. Having a rear fingerprint scanner helps for quick access. Just with a single press on the fingerprint scanner, the phone lights up and you can see all your notification without pressing a single button.


With all the large music and video files these days, storing many files together on a device becomes very difficult and you often have to delete your favourite songs and videos just to download some new ones.

With UHANS I8 you don’t have to worry about your phone memory getting filled as it comes with 64 internal memory. Now you can store an endless number of songs and movies on your device and enjoy them at a go. Even if you are not satisfied with 64GB, you can insert a memory card up to 128 GB. The UHANS I8 comes with a memory card slot which allows the user to extend the memory.

Now that we spoke about the internal memory, let’s focus on RAM as well. This phone comes with 4GB RAM which is quite good.


This smartphone has Octa-Core 4x CPU thus the processing time taken by this device is very fast. It provides a speed up to 1.5 GHz.

Pros & Cons


  • Bezel-less display
  • Face detection feature
  • 4GB RAM


  • only HD Display
  • battery could be more.

Why Buy?

UHANS I8 is available is three different colour options namely, black, blue and gold. The device comes with the latest version of Android operating system i.e. Android 7.0 Nougat. It is a 4G device and comes with features like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It weighs only 200 grams including the battery. It is also a metal body smartphone.

We can clearly say that UHANS I8 is a Chinese beauty and is also value for money.



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