Ourtime X200 3G Smartwatch Review

Twenty-first-century Smartwatch

Hello folks, as we all know time is changing and now is the time where things are getting compact and expensive. So, in the current scenarios more a thing becomes compact, higher will be the price of that thing. Now, we have camera, music player, the internet, and much more in a smartphone. And with tech advancement, we now have all the features of a smartphone in our wrist watch, aka Smartwatch.

Ourtime X200 3G Smartwatch Review
Ourtime X200 3G Smartwatch Review

Today we are going to discuss a Smartwatch which not only has all the features of a watch but also has the features of a smartphone in it. We are talking about the “Ourtime X200 3G Smartwatch phone.” This is a very sensational watch with many cool features. So, let’s look at few of the features of this brand new Smartwatch.

Unwrap the Smartwatch:

Unboxing the Smartwatch
Unwrap the Smartwatch

Well, when you buy this product, then after unwrapping the box with size 11.70 x 11.00 x 9.10 cm / 4.61 x 4.33 x 3.58 inches, you will obviously find your Ourtime X200 3G Smartwatch inside of it. The smart watch is tucked very safely in the hard cardboard box.  The whole package will weigh around 0.3060 kg, which very light. Apart from Smartwatch, the buyer will get one charging cable to recharge the watch, one screw driver to repair watch and one English manual for instructions. So, make sure that your Ourtime X200 package contains every element before buying it.

Design of the Dial:

Design of the Dial
Design of the Dial

As we all know that the main attraction of any watch is its dial. The dial of the X200 Smartwatch is very smartly designed in a round shape. The size of the dial is ideal, not too big, and not too small. As overall product size is 26.50 x 4.80 x 1.40 cm / 10.43 x 1.89 x 0.55 inches and weight of the Smartwatch is also only 0.0690 kg. And the screen size of the watch is 1.39 inch.

The dial is available in two colours, black and white. Perfect colour combination for any age group. The watch has zinc alloy shell that protects it from any kind of outer damages.

Adjustable Straps:

It is very important for watches to have adjustable straps that can be easily molded on any wrist size. Straps of the Ourtime X200 3G Smartwatch phone are very adjustable and comfortable to wear. The straps are made up of rubber that can be easily adjusted and the quality of rubber is also fine. The switch on the strap is made up of stainless steel that gives a firm hold to the watch. The strap of the X200 Smartwatch can absorb your sweat and has high resistance quality. All-in-all the design of its straps goes well with the Dial’s sleek appearance.

Impeccable hardware:

We have yet another powerful Android based watch, in which you can download all apps from Google play store. The watch has the 5.1 Android software and is highly compatible with other Android devices. If we look at the CPU of this watch, then we will find the MTK6580 1.3GHz Quad Core processor. Moreover, you will also get a RAM of 512MB and ROM of 8GB. The minus point here is that internal memory can’t be expanded and the RAM is also of less size. But, apart from these little hinges, the hardware of the watch is very promising.

Health oriented features:

Health oriented features
Health oriented features

This dynamic Smartwatch has plenty of cool features and few really nice fitness features also. The Smartwatch has two really exciting fitness oriented features. Heart rate monitor chip is installed on the back side of the watch and when it connects with your skin, it automatically reads your heart rate. There is also Pedometer installed in watch and records every single move of your steps. This meter keeps track of your daily walking activities.

Cool Camera & Water Resistance quality:

Water Resistance Smartwatch
Water Resistance Smartwatch

This watch has perfect HD camera quality. It has only one front camera of 2 MP with high-quality features. With the optical lens of the Smartwatch, users can also record high definition videos. The Ourtime X200 Smartwatch is completely waterproof with IP67 ratings, that’s very beneficial for a Smartwatch user to have waterproof features.

Other Stunning Features:

  1. The Smartwatch has many connectivity options like the connectivity of 3G, Bluetooth 4.0, along with GPS, support for GSM, and also of Wi-Fi.
  2. A single SIM can be inserted in the Smartwatch.
  3. Some of the dynamic utility features of the watch are Message, Music, Maps, Calendar, Weather, Find Me, Clock, Remote, Browser, Wi-Fi, etc.
  4. The device can support following media formats:

Picture format: JPEG, PNG BMP, & GIF

Music format: MP3, OGG, & WAV

Video format: 3GP, FLV, MKV, AVI, & MP4

  1. This watch supports the following languages:

English, Indonesian, Japanese, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Turkish, Simplified/Traditional Chinese German, Spanish, Persian, Hindi, Bengali, French, Italian, Polish, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic, Thai, Burmese, & Korean.

  1. It also supports ‘OK Google.’

Pros & Cons:-


  • Waterproof
  • GPS can work without phone
  • HD camera
  • Heart Rate monitor


  • SD card can’t be inserted
  • RAM is weak


So, this was it and after reviewing the “Ourtime X200 3G Smartwatch we can say that this product can work as both Smartwatch and smartphone, so it is a perfect option to buy this festive season. Now go and treat yourself with this watch and make your friends jealous of your new Smartwatch phone.



  1. I have this one. Only three months used; the battery is out ready and I can’t find it to buy new battery.


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