Login Tracker (LT) is a simple program designed for Windows, that can track when your PC is powered on.

Maybe you are asking why doing such thing using LT.. well

You are a parent, and you want to know when and at what time your son uses your PC, since he/she overuses it.. how to discover them?

This is one of the thousands reasons why you should use a tool like this and Login Tracker is the best one you could find for this purpose.


  • Easy to use

As you can see in  the images below, there are 2 checkboxes bywhich you can choose to:

  1. Enable or not the logging service.
  2. Enable/Disable the notifications and set the email where sending the logging stats.
  • No installation needed

Yes, it doesn’t require any kind of installation, just extract the LT folder where you want and you’re good to go! Oh, and be sure to have the .NET Framework installed on your PC!

  • Weight

Don’t worry about your internet connection, it is just 50kB, so you can download in a second!

  • How it works

It’s simple. LT has no services nor process running in the background, when it is enabled (as we saw before) it just run at boot, so chill and enjoy!

  • Notifications

If you enable them, you have to insert your email on which you’ll receive the notifications when boot event occurs.

Notifications show time and date when PC has been powered on.

  • Other info

You can easily take a look to the logs history in a useful separate screen, bywhich you can check, control date and time when the PC has been powered on. You can delete the logs, too.

It silently runs at boot, invisible to anyone, expect you.

At the moment it support English and italian languages (contact us if you can translate in other languages)

When you enable notifications, you’ll receive emails about log-ins from mascpush@gmail.com.

Inside the zip there are two folders and two files:

  • files: in this folder there are the files where data is stored (don’t touch them!)
  • it-IT: it contains italian translation
  • HOW-TO: a simple guide
  • LoginTracker: our LT program

A simple YouTube video that shows how it works:


You can download it for free here on SourceForge: LoginTracker 1.1

or alternatively

via PlayStore, dowloading the App: LoginTracker

If you have requests, suggestions or anything else, feel free to ask!

You can find us on Facebook!


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