Looking for a way to customize and add more tiles to the Quick Settings? ‘Tiles’ is the answer!

Play Store Link $1.99 at time of writing


This is an application for your Android Nougat device that specifically allows you to add/change/create/delete new tiles for your Quick Settings area. In case you don’t know where exactly the Quick Settings area is, it is the pull down menu of various icons you can tap on any screen.


When Nougat was released, there were talks of a fabled ‘QuickSettings API’ that would allow a stock Android device the ability to add new tiles to Quick Settings. Shortly after, a plethora of new apps were flooding the Play Store… duplicating functionality and adding confusion to the would-be new user looking for a simple interface to add a tile or two they felt were missing.


So what can we do with ‘Tiles’? Why select *this* application?

No root required, massive list of options and tiles available


 Tiles- screenshot  Tiles- screenshot  Tiles- screenshot


Why did *you* need this type of app?

I don’t need anything- I prefer to have more options available in the pull down. The multi-window tile provides an easy way to use the multi-window interface hidden within Nougat; the weather tile allows me to not need a widget for that function; the alarms tile allows me to remove my custom widget I created just to see when my next alarm is. My needs are very minimal compared to the full capabilities of this application.


What could this application make possible?

The only reason I’m attempting to include a section like this to this review is because I realize there are a lot more usable situations for this utility than I regularly encounter.

With the inclusion of an app launcher tile, you can use a radically minimal launcher like Null Launcher and have all your apps loaded from a tile! Think of the amount of resources you can free up on your device going this route!

Utilizing this application, you could completely avoid ever entering Settings on your device.

You can create shortcuts to call individuals or text individuals. How would you like to have a tile to call your love from any screen? Or text message them? Or use your own communications application in this way?


Any negatives?

Not yet! I’ve only been using the application for two days now, but so far it seems to be 100% perfect! One purchase, one application, tens of tiles available. I haven’t found a competitor that can contribute more than this package includes already.



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